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Dig Imperial Beach


Why advertise with Dig Imperial Beach?

By advertising in, you are reaching the people who live, work and play in the community of Imperial Beach. Dig Imperial Beach and can reach the local audience you are looking to attract at a fraction of the cost of print media. We have many ways of reaching your audience. Our website which in July attracted 6000 sessions or visits. Our Newsletter which goes out to 1,600+ subscribers and our publishes on social medial was over 5,000 visits on Facebook alone. We focus on giving back to the community. We cover and post for all local non-profit organizations for free. That is a big part as to why we have received awards for our community service the last 3 years by the Imperial Beach Women's Club and earned the support of the community.

Dig Imperial Beach received 2019 Best of Imperial Beach Award in the Classified Ads Newspaper Publisher category by the Imperial Beach Award Program.

We have ads and ad campaigns for any size business.

You can read more below or call (619) 844-9142 or email

We have 4 main areas you can advertise and promote your business with Dig Imperial Beach:

1. A fixed placement advertisement on our website,

2. A spot on our Monthly Imperial Beach Community Calendar

3. In our weekly newsletter 

4. A feature article about your business in

Ads and Ad Campaigns can be customized to meet your advertising needs. Including redirects to your website, Facebook page or where ever you like!

A simple ad starts at $25 a month and simple ad campaigns at $40/month. on up to whatever is needed to reach your advertising needs. Note: Artwork needs to be provided or we can do it for an extra charge. However, often we can use what you have on your website or use a company logo.

The best ad package is the one that helps you achieve your goals at the best price. Talk to us about your needs and budget and let us see what we can put together for you!  Ask for details.

Below is information that shows some ad prices placements and sizes. 

*Ad Rates for Dig Imperial Beach Note: Ad packages are available for 3. 6 & 12 months at reduced rates. Packaged ads that combine Website, Newsletter & Community Calendar are available at reduced rates. Packages will substantially reduce cost.

Website Ad Prices  - Prices quoted are per month unless stated otherwise 
Pushdown Ad (970x66 pixels): $200 • Most visible ad on site • 100% site coverage • Most visible ad on site and mobile (sold out)
Sidebar Ad (300x250 pixels): $50 to $150 • 98% site coverage 
Snapshot Ad (300x125 pixels):  $50 - $100 Like sidebar, just smaller
Skyscraper Ad (160x600 pixels): $75 • Directory and Calendar pages only
Inline Ad (628x60 pixels): $15 - $75 • 40% site coverage • highly visible on homepage
Advertorial Ad (a.k.a Feature article about your business): Price varies on multiple factors. We will publish an article about your business and feature it on our main page. Minimum $50. The price depends on how much is written and how many days you want it featured on our main page per month. 

Monthly Dig Imperial Beach Calendar of Event Ads (Digital)
Prices start at $25

Custom Community Calendar(includes only your business logo along with Dig Imperial Beach $50 and comes with up to 100 calendars to hand out

Newsletter Ads –  Currently distributed weekly (bi-monthly during off-season)
Prices start at $10 per newsletter 

For your custom quote: call (619) 844-9142 or email

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