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As the Beat Goes on, A look into the Imperial Beach Scene for March

Mar 01, 2021 03:48PM ● By Paul Spear

It’s St Patrick’s Day month, I mean March is here. I hope everyone has enjoyed the monthly articles this past year. As things start opening up hopefully, we can go see our favorite I.B bands hit the stage. Remember, As the Beat Goes On has a play list on Spotify, New music from Coal Bells, Fuzz – Huzzi and Bad Kids are up. Read the articles at  and follow along on Spotify at the same time. 😊  


As the old saying goes, the elephant in the room is where are bands going to play now that the Salty Frog has been sold.? There has been no interaction from the new owners on this matter. I will leave it at that. I am wondering after everything opens will places like Mike Hess Brewing Co, the Scoreboard, the Ye Olde Plank Inn, VFW Post, and the Fleet Reserve be accommodating to host shows like the Salty Frog did.?. Will Seaside Candy open its doors for open mic night again? Maybe there is a plan and I am not aware of it which is a possibility. I sure hope these places are open to the idea of hosting shows on a regular basis. Only time will tell. On that note.

Bad Kids released their latest single” It’s harder if you leave.” on February 14, 2021. If you’re looking for this tune on Spotify, you will have to go the Beautifully Challenged page. Bad Kids and Beautifully Challenged dropped each other songs on their respected pages.  Both great songs take a listen.

Coral Bells released a new single “Not Today” It was written by their good friend @clintonaverytharp featuring @coryperschbacher on keysboard. It was produced, engineered and mixed by @scott_seader and mastered by @mosesmastering. Coral Bells also have been busking at the beach. The San Diego Music Award nominees are raising money for their third EP.  Go check them out, drop some money in their guitar cases next time there out at there.  

DAB launched their new website and store . For all your DAB news and merch. check it out. The new album is currently in the mixing process, Jeff Forrest from Doubletime Recording Studios is at the helm on this one. No release date has been announced. I’ll keep you posted.

Fuzz-Huzzi released an all acoustic album to finish off 2020 in style. They took their heavier songs and went acoustic with them. 10 songs include Hollywood, I am Rock n Roll, Alone and Chains just to name a few.  They also announced they will continue to release a new song every 14 days. Their newest song “Horizon is up on all media platforms check it out.

Hocus announced new music coming in 2021 they also have a music bundle you can purchase includes stickers, buttons, 6 song EP, two song downloadable mp3 for only $10.00. make payment to Paypal to receive yours today. I will keep you posted on release date.

The Can-Ams popped up and played at Mike Hess Brewing Company on February 6, 2021 in support of their latest album A Fools Life. This is a good sign for venues to start opening back up and hosting bands.

Until next month, I will leave you with this.

Times are tough for all of us, especially for local bands and musicians. Please help them out anyway you can. Follow them on there their social media sites, purchase merch, download music, stream them. It all helps. Spotify created a donate button for artist to raise money for charities or for the artist itself. Here is the link



Here is a list of I.B. local bands and musicians you can help support.;

Abner, Adequate Fur (Teagan Taylor), Allen Camp Band, Bad Kids, Coral Bells, DAB, EndoStaysBaked

Fuzz-Huzzi, Hocus, Miss Demeanor, Subsurfer, Suckerfish, The Cam Ams, That Dan Thing

If you are a local musician, have a band in I.B. or will be playing in I.B. and would like to be mentioned please send information to . Get out and support the local music scene.  As the Beat Goes on in I.B.


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