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As the Beat Goes on, A look into the Imperial Beach Scene for October!

Oct 17, 2020 03:37PM ● By Paul Spear

As the Beat Goes on, A look into the Imperial Beach Scene for October!

 October is here, fall weather will be coming soon,  As the Beat Goes On has a playlist on Spotify, read the articles at, and follow along on Spotify at the same time. 😊  new music from Fuzz-Huzzi is up on the playlist.

Abner finished up drum tracks for their new songs, New songs drop on October 2, 2020 Meanwhile enjoy their latest single “Ride the Tide” You can follow these guys on Facebook and Instagram at @abnerbandsd and 

Fuzz-Huzzi released two new singles “Let it Shine” and “Slip Away” Let it Shine has a punk feel to it , upbeat tempo in typical Fuzz Huzzi fashion and Slip Away was co-written by longtime friend and number one fan Pete Beyer  This song is about what we all have been  dealing with the last couple of months due to Covid-19 virus. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek came out and said artist and bands need to work harder and release more music. While this made the majority of artist and bands upset Fuzz-Huzzi saw it as a challenge. They decided to release a new single every 14 days. look out for new singles from them.

The Can Ams have a release date for their new album A Fools Life, October 2,2020 You can Pre-Register it now through Spotify, I Tunes and Google Play/YouTube. Powered by WWW.DISTROKID.COM . Stay tuned for vinyl record copies and more. They will be playing live at the Salt Drift Pointe 536 13 St. Imperial Beach, CA 91932 on Saturday October 3, 2020 at 1:00 pm.  The Can Amns will be playing some of their new songs off their new album. Enjoy craft burgers and beer hosted by the Salt Drift Pointe. Follow the Can Ams on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Coral Bells have been busking at the beach lately.  What a treat if you saw them out there. The San Diego Music Award nominees are raising money for their third EP.  Go check them out, drop some money in their guitar cases next time there out at the beach.

These are tough times for all of us, especially for local bands and musicians. Please help them out any way you can. Follow them on there their social media sites, purchase merch, download music, stream them. It all helps. Spotify created a donate button for artists to raise money for charities or for the artist itself. Here is the link


Here is a list of I.B. local bands and musicians you can help support.;

Abner, Adequate Fur (Teagan Taylor), Allen Camp Band, Coral Bells, DAB, EndoStaysBaked

Fuzz-Huzzi, Hocus, Miss Demeanor, Subsurfer, Suckerfish, The Cam Ams, That Dan Thing


If you are a local musician, have a band in I.B. or will be playing in I.B. and would like to be mentioned please send information to . If you

liked this month’s edition don’t forget to hit the like button and please share. Get out and support the local music scene.  As the Beat Goes on in I.B.


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