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As The Beat Goes On!

Aug 31, 2020 04:28PM ● By Paul Spear
As The Beat Goes On!

 A look into the Imperial Beach Scene for September 2020!



September has arrived, I am happy to inform everyone there is new music from Abner, That Dan Thing, Fuzzi Huzzi , Hocus and Subsurfer. As the Beat Goes On has a playlist on Spotify, read the articles at  and follow along on Spotify at the same time. 😊 I added new songs from That Dan Thing, Fuzz-Huzzi, and Hocus.

In case you have not been down to the beach lately,The Tin Fish has been having live music on Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm till 5 pm. Joe Rathburn and La Orquesta Magica have been providing the music.

Abner put out there first single of the year “Ride the Tide” In typical Abner fashion the song takes you through a wave of emotions, great lyrics and hooks throughout the song. You can follow these guys on Facebook and Instagram at @abnerbandsd and 

That Dan Thing is a family-based band. Dan, his son Parker, daughter Natalie, wife Julie and friend and recording engineer Jeff Forrest from Doubletime Studios. They are an Indie pop/power pop/rock band whose influences range from the Beatles and Neil Young to REM and Elliott Smith and to the Shins and Death Cab for Cutie. They released their third album “That Was Then” last month. This double-disc has 23 songs about the past and looking forward to the future. Their first single from there new album “My Soul” is a fast pace jam, very good vibe defiantly will get you moving. This album is full of high energy riffs and great lyrics defiantly captures their experiences throughout the years. You can follow them on Spotify. Go to for more information about the band and links to your favorite streaming  / downloading sites to check out their music.

Fuzz-Huzzi released two new singles “No Mansion” and ‘Agua” it was a real surprise hearing these two songs, it is a lot different from their previous work. Drummer Cory Wilkens said, “After being around for 26 years, it’s really fun for us to play with some influences and inspirations while also keeping that Fuzz – Huzzi sound at our core”. They are keeping busy in the studio writing and recording new music. Look out for their next single coming soon.

 Hocus put out two new singles. “Damage with Care” and “Rid of You” on all streaming services. 

Fair warning these two new songs will hit you right in the mouth, turn it up! Hocus single “Damage With Care” is at the ending credits of the new movie Bad Ben Movie. It’s an ongoing movie series that chronicles the adventures of Tom Riley and his experiences with the supernatural. You can watch all the series on Amazon Prime and Roku. For more information about Bad Ben Movie visit 

The Can Ams are in the studio working on new music at Queen Bees Recording Studio. Stay tuned for those guys. They also have an Instagram page you can follow them on as well. Go to the.canams.  

Subsurfer released a new single “Hollow” Check out there Instagram, they released a 4-song acoustic set including the new single.

These are tough times for all of us, especially for local bands and musicians. Please help them out any way you can. Follow them on there their social media sites, purchase merch, download music, stream them. It all helps. Spotify created a donate button for an artist to raise money for charities or for the artist itself. Here is the link


Here is a list of I.B. local bands and musicians you can help support.;

Abner, Adequate Fur (Teagan Taylor), Allen Camp Band, Coral Bells, DAB, EndoStaysBaked

Fuzz-Huzzi, Hocus, Miss Demeanor, Subsurfer, Suckerfish, The Cam Ams, That Dan Thing


If you are a local musician, have a band in I.B. or will be playing in I.B. and would like to be mentioned please send information to . If you liked this month’s edition don’t forget to hit the like button and please share. Get out and support the local music scene.  As the Beat Goes on in I.B.





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