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As The Beat Goes On!

Aug 01, 2020 05:20PM ● By Paul Spear

August is here, summer is in full effect. Another month of COVID-19 lockdown. As you can tell not much going on right now. Many musicians and bands are itching to hit the road and / or play at local establishments again. I put a As the Beat Goes On play list on Spotify with all the bands I talk about, I thought it would be a cool idea if you had a place to go and listen to the musicians or bands mentioned in the articles. Hit the follow button on Spotify, I will be adding more songs from the bands and musicians   I mention in my articles.


DAB is finally back at Double Time Studios with Engineer Jeff Forest finishing up their full- length album. 

Fuzz-Huzzi launched a new email list, you can get exclusive notifications, behind the scenes look at videos and updates for all things Fuzz Huzzi go to httpps:// have new merchandise as well, they have masks, coffee mugs, hats, t-shirts and tank tops. Go to FUZZHUZZIBIGCARTEL.COM to purchase items.

Hocus announced new music coming real soon.

Miss Demeanor reached out, look out for them, they play classic rock, funk, blues, country, anything to get you up on your feet. Miss Demeanor is Torra Larsen, Dave Jett, Michael Taylor and Joe Gridley. They play all over San Diego.

These are tough times for all of us, especially for local bands and musicians. Please help them out anyway you can. Follow them on there their social media sites, purchase merch, download music, stream them. It all helps. Spotify created a donate button for artist to raise money for charities or for the artist itself. Here is the link

Here is a list of I.B. local bands and musicians you can help support.;

Abner, Adequate Fur (Teagan Taylor), Allen Camp Band, Coral Bells, DAB, EndoStaysBaked

Fuzz-Huzzi, Hocus, Miss Demeanor, Subsurfer, Suckerfish, The Cam Ams


If you are a local musician, have a band in I.B. or will be playing in I.B. and would like to be mentioned please send information to . If you liked this month’s edition don’t forget to hit the like button and please share. Get out and support the local music scene.  As the Beat Goes on in I.B.


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