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8 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Oct 20, 2019 12:36PM ● By Paul Spear

Let's raise awareness of plastic pollution and encourage global action to minimize single-use plastics. As we continue to discover the drastic effects of plastic in our oceans and environment, we need to start taking action on an individual level. Small changes in our daily life can add up to a big difference! If you feel overwhelmed, start with the first thing on the list and work your way down slowly. You can Be the Change! 

1. Cups- When buying iced coffee or fountain drinks, bring your own reusable. They’re sold at almost every coffee shop and some places offer discounts when you bring your own.

2. Grocery bags- try a trendy burlap reusable or opt for paper.IMG_7688-2

3. Straws- Can you skip it? If not, opt for reusable metal.

4. Water bottles- Get a reusable bottle and style it with stickers. If you don’t want to drink from the tap, many filtered water pitchers are a great choice.

5. Produce packaging- If you buy pre-packaged produce, try to opt for loose fruits & veggies. Don’t forget to bring your own bag (if you need one).

6. Cutlery- Ordering takeout? Ask to leave our the cutlery and use your own at home. Planning on a picnic? Purchase a set of reusable travel cutlery (Pro Tip: get one that includes a straw)

7. Reuse the plastic you already have: Did you forget to ask for no straw? Your food came with plastic cutlery? That’s ok! Put it in your car or bring it to work. Just re-use it as much as you can before you throw it away.

8. Choose Your Own: Take note of what you’re throwing away throughout the day. Do you have a particular habit that could be plastic-minimized?

Thank you for wanting to take steps to create a cleaner environment for all of us who share this planet. If you want to learn more about how you can minimize the environmental impacts of climate change, habitat destruction, and pollution, come see our new exhibit, SEA the Change!  And find more tips at

Article info provided c/o Living Coast Discovery Center


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