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The SD Small Business Forum Dedicated Time Supporting the Imperial Beach Community!

Sep 08, 2019 10:30PM ● By Paul Spear
Coming Soon!

The SD Small Business Forum will be Releasing a Small Business Magazine in Imperial Beach very soon!

Whether it's the Artisan Market, a Small Business Owner or a local Non-Profit organization, the SD Small Business Forum has dedicated their time to support the community of Imperial Beach. 

The SD Small Business Forum is all about business growth, marketing, social media presence, brand influence and more. This small home-based business is owned and operated by Edel Vernazza with the help and support of her business associate Jeanne Vinson. Together, they have been able to help many home-based businesses throughout the South Bay area. 

Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community

They are all about giving back to the community and families in need. Even though they both have busy lives with children in schools and families, they still have the time to coordinate and put together big events where families and kids are involved. 

For the last past four years, the SD Small Business Forum has been giving out school supplies and backpacks to our local kids during back to school month, they've helped our Fire Department with their Derby vehicle. They've held big Halloween events where lots kids got together to show their cute costumes and receive their candy from our local SD Sheriff's Department. This year they continue their support and collaboration with the Imperial Beach Historical Society, together they will be hosting the 4th Annual Halloween event. Working with vendors and City Officials, the yearly big Holiday Bazaar they have had the opportunity to donate over 200 toys to the Burn Institute and homeless kids and most recently donated over 100 toys to our local kids and are planning to do the same thing again this year

Saturday Artisan Market!

With the great support from our City Mayor Serge Dedina, City Council Team Mark West, Paloma Aguirre and City Manager Andy Hall, Edel and Jeanne were able to turn a private dirt and lonely lot into a nice Outdoor Mini Mall full of hand-crafters, artist and direct sellers on Saturdays. Many tourists who have come to visit Imperial Beach and have stayed at the local hotels have been more than impressed to find out that a small town has more than just ocean and restaurants but have also a special place for their home-based businesses; something the other States don't support. At the IB Artisan Market vendors are not only able to set up their products but as well build relationship and connection with community members. The IB Artisan Market is the perfect place for all Home Based businesses who do not have a retail store to showcase their products. 

Where the name came from? The IB Artisan Market name was given by our Mayor Serge Dedina. Way to go Serge!!! 

The first new local Small Business Magazine will be released very soon. This magazine is going to provide information about local businesses, full articles and tips to help grow your business, marketing strategies, events, feature local businesses and much more. 

Let's continue to support our local home-based businesses! 

Helping Out Small Business

Feedback from vendors and community members

IB Artisan Market has given me an opportunity to connect with my local community. It has introduced me to people I can partner with, serve with, and give back alongside of. From a business perspective, IB Artisan Market has given me a place to be visible, share my new business, network, and from a company standpoint, meet my business sales requirements. My personal business would not be what it is without the IB Artisan Market.  

A. Cardona 

I am a single Mom and I started to make jewelry to help my family but unfortunately I couldn't participate at any vendor event because their high fees, but with Edel  & Jeanne's help I am able to help a little bit myself and my family and to know that I do not have to hire a babysitter is a big relief, my kids are able to come with me and actually learn about community support. Words cannot express my gratitude towards our City. Thank You! 
M. Smith 

I'm not a vendor or own small business, I'm a local resident here and I come every Saturday just to enjoy a great talk, laugh and have positive people around. I love how these two humble ladies dedicate their time to help grow small businesses. This town is unique and nothing makes it more unique and fun than having great people around! 


Edel and Jeanne, Thank you for helping my daughter and giving her the opportunity to set up her homemade crayons at your market. It means so much to me how much you guys care for others. 


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