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Andy Hall asks Citizen for Help with Palm Ave, CA75, at Fireside Chat at Dempsey Center Last Week!

Apr 01, 2019 09:44PM ● By Paul Spear
  • City Manager here at @cityofib really is a level-headed, fiscally responsible, forward thinker who cares about the community and our input. Last night he hosted a #firesidechat just to answer questions and listen to resident concerns. Of course there are more needs than resources, but community feedback helps steer priorities, and also brings good ideas to the table. A few ideas last night were so actionable, they got addressed right then. For instance, we'll now have copies of the Local Coastal Plan at the library to create greater access for public review.

    The biggest and brightest news, and this is something I really want help with, is that fixing traffic on CA75 (palmal ave / silver strand) is within reach! As we well know, the traffic lights are not synchronized and the 20,600 cars that travel that route daily end up in a big line that stretches from the 5 to @coronado__island as they move from green to red, wait, and repeat.#imperialbeach has been working for a long time to get cal-trans to relinquish responsibility (it's technically State Route) and we finally got it! But sadly, the approval to synchronize the lights is approved for.. 🥁🥁🥁2040 😟. But - and this is where our city staff really shines, there is a shortcut!

    It is possible to declare the road a "military transport road" (could there ever be a more apt description for the road connecting the 27,000 military and civilian personnel working on the island to life elsewhere?). If this declaration is made, it immediately becomes a priority and gets funded. Here's where you can help! The dude that has the power to make this declaration is an elected official with lots of representation going on. If we flood Andy's email with letters about how ridiculous, problematic, wasteful and unacceptable, the traffic is, then Andy can show up with a arms full of letters showing we need that declaration right away. Then it's not just some application trying to get out of paying for something, it's a real solution to a real problem.

    STOP SCROLLING AND EMAIL ANDY HALL RIGHT NOW! let's do this you guys! That's athose traffic lights!

  • C/o and used with permission of Matt Henry

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