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Want More Local Grocery Options? Attend the Informational Happy Hour on January 24th.

Jan 22, 2019 10:32PM ● By Paul Spear
Want More Local Grocery Options? Attend the Informational Happy Hour on January 24th.

SunCoast Market Co-op will increase the community's access to healthy food and decrease your out-of-town grocery trips. SunCoast owner-members want to open this grocery store for you and our neighbors as soon as possible, but it takes a village (and plenty of events!) to make it happen. This weekend's plant-based cooking class brought SunCoast 5 new owner-members closer to selecting a location and the Co-op wants to build on that momentum this Thursday evening.

If you are not an owner yet, please join SunCoast Market at Verandina's Restaurant for more information and updates. This fun and casual Eat & Greet event will tell you what a co-op really is and why you might want to support it. SunCoast Market will even provide delicious snacks and a way to receive a FREE San Diego Yoga Festival ticket.

Already an owner? Find a Plus One (one or more friends/neighbors) and head on down for an evening on Seacoast Drive for updates and community building. SunCoast Market will even have a gift for you to thank you for your effort. 

SunCoast Market wants to support local businesses like Verandina's. Did you know that many businesses are owner-members of the co-op? SunCoast Market even created a page on its website where you can see and support them or you can look for a SunCoast Supporter sign in their store. If you own a business and want to know more, please come to the Eat & Greet this week or contact SunCoast to set up a phone call or meeting. There are only 25 owner-member slots left in the Growers Club (owner #'s 101-300) and all Grower's Club members will receive special recognition in the store when it opens. This is a chance to create an amazing resource for the community and be a part of I.B. history.

Kim Rivero Frink, Board President
SunCoast Market Co-op
Imperial Beach, CA
Mobile (858) 761-4241
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