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Photos and Info From the US IBWC on Recent Sewage Spill

Dec 16, 2018 08:04PM ● By Paul Spear

12/13 - As reported earlier, Pump Station CILA was activated yesterday afternoon. Before this activation, the flow in the Tijuana River was nearly double the operating criteria of the Pump Station.  After the Pump Station motors were turned on, the flow in the River has steadily dropped and is currently at 300 liters per second (7 million gallons per day). The flows are expected to continue to drop as the Tijuana River Basin dries out from last weeks big storm event.


Regarding the ruptured collector (Colector Poniente), CESPT (Tijuana Utility) has notified the Mexican Section of IBWC that they will begin work on the collector on Monday, December 17, 2018. Staff from both Sections of IBWC have been invited to observe the activities. I will provide an update on the progress of this work.

12/12 - 


12/11 - The US Section was just informed by the Mexican Section that the Collector Poniente ruptured last night. This break in the collector is estimated to be discharging between 6-7 million gallons per day into the Tijuana River. Both Sections will be conducting a site visit this morning and meeting with CESPT officials to get more information.


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