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Civility Message from Imperial Beach Councilmember Ed Spriggs

Oct 29, 2018 09:49PM ● By Paul Spear


An open letter to Imperial Beach candidates and their supporters,

As the intensity of this election season rises toward November 6, I cannot help but think back to my comments at the launch of my campaign at the Red House Kitchen on June 28. After discussing my view of our City’s major challenges (cross border pollution, density/traffic/parking and sea level rise), I concluded by saying:


“Finally, our most important big challenge is preserving our community character, especially our civility, respect for each other and our unity as we face the big issues I have mentioned -- AND avoiding the nastiness and divisions fostered by politics at the national level.  I want none of it! WE don’t need any of that in IB!”


Well, what I feared might happen IS happening. We need to stop the partisanship and negativity right now, whether the source is the candidates or their ardent supporters or opponents.


Yes, we all have different approaches to addressing IB’s many challenges, as was evident during the Candidate’s Forum, on candidate websites and in the Eagle and Times articles. Those differences are GOOD; they offer voters clear choices.


We need to stick to the issues and the facts, rather than resorting to personal attacks and intentional misstatements. The focus should be on why someone’s preferred candidate should be elected, not tearing down everyone else. The high road is better for everyone.


Why is this important for our small beach town? Because THIS IS HOME. Would anyone want divisions, anger and chaos to be the daily routine in their household? Would that be a healthy household for the children? Would that household be likely to solve its major challenges like budgets, home improvements, even holiday planning? 


Once again, demonizing candidates, stoking unfounded fears and creating artificial divisions just for short-term election-related purposes is not in the best interests of our community because the damage is likely to carry over to the longer and more important time AFTERWARDS when we need to work together to solve our problems.


Just as important, we all want to ENJOY our lives in IB, and to hopefully share a vision of IB as a village COMMUNITY, a classic family-friendly beach town and a refuge from the ongoing political acrimony at the national level.


I call upon all the other candidates and all community members, whomever you support for IB offices during this election, to join me in our common goal to keep our City civil, safe, prosperous and proud! Long live our beloved community; long live Imperial Beach!


Ed Spriggs

IB City Councilmember


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 


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