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The Hair Force Barber Shop Is A Trip Back in Time. Filled with History, Great Service, And Community Awards!

Sep 13, 2018 01:54PM ● By Paul Spear

The Hair Force Barber Shop is a Trip Back in Time. Filled with History, Great

 Service, and Community Awards!

Walking in the doors of the Hair Force Barber Shop owned by Hector Hernandez is like a trip back in time in many ways. Many historical items are on display throughout the barber shop. In the back of the shop has a display case filled with antique barber shop equipment. On the walls are photos of Hector's father who rode with Poncho Villa and an authentic original Pancho Villa Reward Poster. In another corner of the shop are Navy hats from all the ships his customers have been deployed on. But that is not what the Air Force Baber Shop is best known for.

The Air Force Barber Shop is a full-service barber shop that services their customers with excellent service, the type of service you see when you watch the old black and white movies on TV. I not only got my hair cut but I also received a shave, no detail was missed all the way down to shaving the hair off the back and sides of my neck to getting a scalp, forehead, shoulder and arm massage. I really felt like a King for the day.

 Located at the Northeast corner of Saturn Bl and Coronado Avenue at 1912 Coronado Ave. since 1993, the Hair Force Barber Shop's business is thriving. The owner, Hector Hernandez is very outgoing and has a love of life and people. Hector has a way of making everyone around him feel important and spoils his customers with great service.

But Hector isn't alone in the Hair Force, the two days I visited the shop, he had several other barbers, both men, and women working there. Also, for the last 10 years, the Hair Force Barber Shop has worked with the Sweetwater School District and in particular, Southwest High School's Special Education Department in the Districts District's Workability and Transitioning Partnership Program. This program is giving students with special needs work. Routinely, the Hair Force Barber Shop will have the students with special needs come in 3 days a week and work around 2.5 hours a day doing light work, such as sweeping, and the students get not only work experience but get to work on their people skills in a friendly environment. Per Hector, there are about 18 students that rotate working at the shop.

Sponsoring Kids N Kastle put on by the IB Optimists at the Sun & Sea Festival and employing Special Education Students in the Sweetwater School District's Workability and Transitioning Partnership Program are just two of the ways the Hair Force Barber Shop gives back to the community!

One of the days I was in the shop, Steve Mosley. the Special Needs Instructor at Sweetwater High School was there with 3 of his students. Said Steve, "They love coming to work here at the Hair Force Barber Shop and look forward to it all week. Said Steve, "Under California Law, they are allowed to work 10 hours per month." 

Hector Hernandez, a graduate of Castle Park High School, worked at his mom's hair salon on 9th Street in Imperial Beach before departing for Edwards Air Force Base located near the Palmdale/Lancaster area in California's high desert and worked there Monday through Friday. For 3 years Hector would come back to San Diego's South County on Weekends to spend time with his mother as well as friends and family only to make the long drive back to Edwards AFB on Sunday night. 

After 3 years at Edwards Air Force Base, Hector had enough of the hot and cold of the high desert and returned to San Diego and with the money he was able to save from working at Edwards AFB, Hector bought the building where he started the Hair Force Barber Shop a name he came up with while working at Edwards AFB IN 1993.
In November of last year, 2017, Hector Hernandez was honored for all his work in the community by the City of San Diego as the proclaimed November 15th Hector's Hair Force Day. One of the many on hand included David Alvarez, who serves as a San Diego City Councilmember representing City Council District 8. Said Hector about the honor, "It was a very exciting day for me, I never expected anything in return for the things I do to help the community."

Hector has also received recognition for being a sponsor of their Kids N Kastles event and is currently working on several other projects for kids that he hopes will be successful. He has the awards the Hair Force Barber Shop has received as you walk in the front door. There are boxing photos on display behind the barbers and historical or interesting photos and items throughout the store.

So I'd recommend visiting the Hair Force Barber Shop and check it out and while there treat yourself to some pampering. I paid $10 for a senior’s haircut. I honestly DK if he threw the extra service in for free or not. I'm sure part of it was. But no matter what you end up spending, it will be worth every cent you spend. Not to mention that Hector contributes heavily giving back to the community. Go ahead and tell him you heard about him here and I'm sure he'll spoil you too although I get the feeling he tries to spoil all his customers.

I'd like to thank Hector and all the great staff there: Abigail, Angie, Rocio, Blanca, Art, Duly, Socorro, Memo and Cecko for all of their hospitality while I was there.

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originally published 2018-04-20 08:54:50 PM


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 

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