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IB Charter School PTA Asks for Community Help and Support After Reported Embezzlement of a Significant Embezzlement of Funds!

Aug 14, 2018 11:28AM ● By Paul Spear
IB Charter School PTA Asks for Community Help and Support After Reported Embezzlement of a Significant Embezzlement of Funds!

The IB Charter School issued the following letter asking the community for help and support after an alleged embezzlement of a large substantial amount of funds from the PTA's account that has resulted in the cancellation of field trips, the purchase of school supplies, and other activities. IB Charter School PTA Treasurer Elizabeth McKay sent the following letter to Dig Imperial Beach asking for help in getting this out to the community. 

The alleged crime was reported to the IB Sheriff's Department and is now being worked on by Detective Steve Moe of the Financial Crimes Division of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, according to Elizabeth. She hopes to establish trust and transparency and increase pressure to prompt law enforcement to move faster in its investigation and potential prosecution of the alleged embezzlement and get the PTA focused back on its mission of supporting the students at the school.

At the bottom of the article, there are some more ways you can help!

Here is their Press Release:

Imperial Beach Charter School Still Recovering From the Embezzlement of Funds Intended to Support Students and Teachers

In March 2018 the parents and staff of Imperial Beach Charter School (IBCS) PTA were made aware of a significant monetary loss of funds.  Immediately upon identifying the problem, the suspected board member was removed from her position and the loss of funds stopped.

The actions of one person resulted in field trips being cancelled, because the PTA was responsible to pay for the field trip buses.  Computer program licenses were unable to be renewed, due to lack of funds and teachers did not receive expected classroom supplies, which were earned through class participation based fundraising.

We appreciate the understanding of the vendors and school district regarding the association’s inability to pay the amounts owed.  This is not a case of mismanagement, but what we believe to be embezzlement by a person entrusted as a board member.

Upon removal of the person believed to be responsible, we were able to determine the full extent of the theft.  Current and past PTA Board Members spent countless hours putting together a timeline, witness statements and compiling bank records.  This was done to assist and reduce the amount of follow up needed in the investigation and to ensure the person responsible is held accountable.

We have been told by the investigator these types of cases are hard to prove, but the bottom line is the students are the real victims in this case and the person responsible is not being held accountable. 

At no time was the safety of the teachers or children compromised.  This was strictly a financial crime.

Points of Contact:

Amber Vissuet, 2018-2019 PTA President

Elizabeth McKay, 2018-2019 PTA Treasurer

we accept online membership and donations. Either can be done in person or via this link: and we are on PayPal In addition, support during any of our fundraisers is greatly appreciated. The big expenses this year will be $2500 for field trip buses and $2000 for program software licensing.


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 






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