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IB Artist, Todd Stands' Communication Theme Mural on AT&T Building Kicks Off Summer Beautification Programs Going on In Imperial Beach

Jun 17, 2018 10:15PM ● By Paul Spear

IB Artist, Todd Stands' Communication Theme Mural on AT&T Building Kicks Off Summer Beautification Programs Going on In Imperial Beach 

This week Todd Stands got the alley of the AT&T building mural going with the help of local 
 artist Dave Frink and the other corner with Rosarito artist Dual (jellyfish) and help from students and other community members. Said Todd, "We still a couple weeks to go.." (continued further down)

Even More, Beautification Projects Being offered for Residents Living in Homes In Imperial Beach Beside the Art Murals, Sierra Service Project (SSP) is offering a program to help fix up homes for residents living in homes in Imperial Beach. SSP is a Christian nonprofit organization based in Sacramento that provides life-changing youth service projects. Over 70 young men and women will rotate in and out of Imperial Beach weekly and be sleeping on the floor at the Imperial Beach Boys & 
 Girls Club on Encina Avenue. These youths will help residents that apply for their program help with fixing up their homes in Imperial Beach. They will do everything from painting, building and restoring, yard clean and a wide variety of other offerings all designed to help residents fix up their home inside and out. A lot of thanks in bringing this program to Imperial Beach goes to Pastor John Edwin Griffin-Atil and the Imperial Beach United Methodist Church. If you would like to find out more about this project, you can find out more and get an application at: Apply Now for Free Home Repairs for Residents of Imperial Beach Community this Summer offered by Sierra Service Project 
Several Mural Projects Taking Place in August

Some of the Mural projects are being done by the IB Arts Bureau themselves as a project they 

named "Rock the Walls". This Program is being run by Imperial Beach City Councilman and the IB Arts Bureau. or a member of the group will probably have a hand in most of the art murals being done. 

City Councilman Mark West has been busy contacting a business to see who is interested in having a mural on walls of business or buildings in Imperial Beach. As was the case with the 7 Eleven at Palm and 2nd Street and Soapy Joe's Car Wash located at Palm Avenue & 13th Street, Mark recruited Pangea Seed to do the artwork. In the other cases, it has been directly or indirectly done by the IB Arts Bureau or one of their members. 

The AT&T building is being funded by the City of IB, AT&T with $8K from IB Beautiful. IB Beautiful is best known for running our local Farmers Market every Friday but they have always been a big contributor to beautification projects in the city. IB Beautiful has contributed well over $20,000in the past couple of years to projects that include the Peoples Art Park across the street from Pier South.

The City Council has been 

aggressively pushing beautification projects within our City. The Mayor has made getting rid of empty lots that aren't being maintained by their owners and collecting trash one of his many aggressive campaigns. two of these lots have been turned into parks. The first, known as the Peoples Art Park was a fenced lot that had been collecting trash for years across the street from Pier South. The 2nd vacant lot turned into a park nicknamed the Helicopter Park at 10th and Iris because of its proximity to the Naval Air Station.

Call for Artists and Volunteers

Attention all artists, want to be artists or volunteers just looking for something to do, you are invited to get involved in any of the other mural projects being planned around Imperial Beach from August through the end of the year. There are many more projects planned. They are hoping to start 4 around August and get a couple more in after that before the end of the year. They will need artists, amateur artists, and volunteer helpers.     

If you would be interested in volunteering your skills or help, you can reach Todd via email at or If you are a business and interested in participating, you can contact Mark West via the City of Imperial Beach at


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 

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