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Seven Essential Kitchen Updates Before Selling Your Home

May 31, 2018 04:52PM ● By Paul Spear

 Seven Essential Kitchen Updates Before Selling Your Home

The kitchen can make or break the sale of your home. A good-looking kitchen can be key to selling your home quicker and at a better price. However, kitchen renovations don’t usually have a very high return, so what do you do?  You’re probably going to want to spend some time and money on your kitchen. But how much? We look at Seven Essential Kitchen Updates Before Selling your Home. It will help you determine what in your kitchen needs to be improved and how much you should do to give you that attractive kitchen.

1.      Kitchen Counters

Here is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen more appeal to buyers and costs nothing. Clear the counters of absolutely everything. This instantly makes it look like you have lots of countertop when you may only have a few square feet. This is a great place to start.

After that, assess the actual countertop: Is it in good shape? Does it have nicks, cuts in it or cracks? Does it have grout issues, etc.? Clean it up, sand and oil any butcher blocks, and fix the grout if needed. Or, if it does need to be replaced, go with granite, if possible. Potential home buyers love granite, and adding the keyword “granite” to your listing could help you sell your house much sooner and for more money.


2.      Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors take a beating, especially in the well-used paths between the refrigerator, stove and sink. Your floor is a huge part of your kitchen but floor improvements don’t provide much of a return on investment.

But there is one thing you should look at doing. If your kitchen has old vinyl flooring of any sort, it’s time to upgrade. Buyers dislike this outdated flooring. Put in floating wood flooring. It installation is literally a snap. The pieces snap together and lay it over the current surface. Your new wood flooring will shine — especially to potential buyers.


3.      Backsplash

Adding An updated backsplash is a quick and easy fix and good investment. It adds visual value to your home. No need to carefully plan a tile pattern, in fact, you shouldn’t. If you are trying to update your home for selling, leave that to the new owners. Just add some backsplash tiles that coordinate with your kitchen’s theme. These are usually large adhesive tiles that emulate other finishes, such as stone, wood, or pressed tin or copper. Buyers love the way a newly finished backsplash ties a room together. Studies have shown that when sellers had “backsplash” in a listing on average their home sold faster and increased the value of the home. Installation is very expensive and stick-on-tiles look much more expensive that they are.


4.      Kitchen Outlets

You will want to make sure all outlets look good, grounded and up to code. A simple and easy fix is to bring them up to date for today’s new world.  It may sound like a strange upgrade, but adding at least one or two USB-charging outlets in the kitchen is a sure-fire way to attract buyers. It’s a small investment but buyers love it. They will swoon over the convenience of being able to charge their phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets instantly. It won’t increase the value of your home but it will make it much more attractive.


5.      Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are a place where you can spend money and quickly add value. Buyers don’t like to have to deal with updating appliances themselves. New appliances are enticing. Be careful though, it’s difficult to replace one appliance without the others suddenly looking less appealing. Appliances are expensive. You might be able to shop for sale pieces, but make sure they all coordinate and are the same quality level, regardless of how much you’re spending.


6.      Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are another major part of the kitchen. Outdated cabinets turn off buyers, but that doesn’t mean you need to rip them all out and start over. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, or if they’re wood, employ some special wood oil and elbow grease. Then, change the hardware for something modern but simple. This is an easy fix you can do yourself and it can make a huge difference. If you’re upgrading appliances to stainless steel, be sure to use stainless-steel handles. Otherwise, choose one that matches the overall feel of your kitchen. If you’re looking to spend a bit more money, consider adding shaker cabinets. Listings with “shaker cabinets” sold way faster and usually for about 10 percent more. Of course, buyer’s preferences vary, but new cabinets always look good.


7.      Faucet/Sink

If the faucet or sink are old, cake with mineral deposits, not working or in need of a facelift, replace them. A modern faucet quickly catches one’s eye and provides peace of mind that it works properly and doesn’t drip or spray.

If you have a vintage porcelain kitchen sinks that shows its age, it could still be a keeper. Many buyers look for original sinks. So, you may want to consider having it re-glazed. However, re-glazing is more expensive than purchasing a new style. In this case, you can either keep the sink as clean as possible during showings (use a little Bar Keepers Friend and Magic Eraser), or replace the sink with an inexpensive one. However, if you go that route, keep the porcelain one on display in the garage in case buyers are interested.




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