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Special Need Programs in Sweetwater Union High School District Make Great Showing!

Apr 27, 2018 04:50PM ● By Paul Spear

Special Need Programs in Sweetwater Union High School District Make Great Showing!


Programs for Special Needs Students are Flourishing at Sweetwater Union High School District! From Sports to Work Projects in the Community, Special Needs Programs have made great progress!

Recently and during the last year recently I've had the opportunity to learn more about and see students participating in Special Needs Programs. I have gotten to see the Mar Vista Girls and Boys Basketball All-Stars play in a co-ed game alongside special need students as well as on Thursday, a Flag Football Game played between Southwest High School and Sweetwater High School. 

The game played on Thursday was played at Sweetwater with Southwest winning 35-21 but the score of the game was not as important as the message sent it sends and students and adults alike learn from it. That every life is important and has value no matter age, sex, race, ability, IQ, looks, ability and things like that.

In the game, the players got announced, then ran between lines of cheerleaders with pop poms raised cheering them on as well as the cheering students in attendance. The game had paid referees and all the settings of any other normal high school football game. The only thing missing was a working scoreboard, but the scores were kept and announced, and the field was smaller than a regulation football field. 

A couple weeks ago at the 
Hair Force Barber Shop, I met with Hector Hernandez, the owner of the Hair Force Barber Shop at Saturn Blvd and Coronado and Southwest High School teacher Steve Mosley. Steve teaches the special needs students and coaches the flag-football, track & field, basketball, and soccer programs there.

The Hair Force Barber Shop owner, Hector Hernandez, employees special need students from the Southwest.  3 times a week, 3 different students show up to work 2.5 hours a day. Said Steve, "this program is a great way for the students (referring to the students he was there with

and the others that work there under the program), to get out in the community and socialize with people and learn and advance their skills." Steve went on to say, "each student can work 3 hours a week at minimum wage. They earn about $110 and get to keep that and decide how they want to spend it as their parents or guardians allow.” He went on to say, "it really helps build their confidence and we are grateful for people like Hector who gives them this opportunity. 

Note: You can read more about the Hair Force at The Hair Force Barber Shop is a Trip Back in Time. Filled with History, Great Service, and Community Awards!

On May 5th, Southwest High School special needs team will be competing against 11 other high schools at the Olympic training center in the long jump, 4x4 relay, shot put, and 100 meters. 

From June 29-July 7th, Southwest High School's soccer team will play in the Special Olympics National Games in Seattle.

If you are an employer and interested in participating in this program or finding out more, you can contact Valerie Ruiz of the Sweetwater School District at (619) 691-5500.

I want to thank the Sweetwater Union High School District, Steve Mosley and Hector Hernandez and everyone associated for their help with this also as well as my good friend Bill who got me to the game and back home.

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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 

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