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Boys & Girls Club Gets Large Turnout for Annual Easter Egg Hunt Held at Veterans Park on Saturday!

Mar 31, 2018 04:14PM ● By Paul Spear

Boys & Girls Club Gets Large Turnout for Annual Easter Egg Hunt Held at Veterans Park on Saturday! Around 700 Parents & Children Attended the Annual Easter Egg Hunt Held at Veterans Park this Year!

Unlike previous years, this year's Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held at Veteran's Park and seemed to be larger than the previous year’s egg hunt which was held at the IB Pier Plaza. This year's event was again put on at by the Imperial Beach Boys & Girls Club with the help from sponsors of the IB Woman's Club, Chamber of Commerce, the Oddermatt Family and the Sierra Service Project of San Diego.

After the Easter Egg Hunt there was free Face Painting available for the children and for $1 they could get their photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

Said Aaron Ruiz of the IB Boys & Girls Club, "We are thrilled that it's at Veterans Park this year and right next door to the Boys & Girls Club. With the remodeling of the Boys & Girls Club we hope to take advantage of more activities here at Veterans Park. Others commented that they liked having the Easter Egg Hunt at Veterans Park as well noting that it seemed to run a lot smoother as they weren't having to dodge all the people at the beach. Mayor Dedina did the introduction to the event and then Aaron Ruiz took over running the event and doing the countdown to start the Easter Egg Hunt. After the hunt was finished the children were able to get their face fainted and the parents were able to get a photo of their children with the Easter Bunny.

While that was occurring the ballet class from the Boys & Girls Club entertained the audience as 4 cute little girls dressed up as “Bees” did a dance for the audience. The Boys & Girls Club is going to be doubling the classes they offer for both adults and children and we expect to have a schedule published any day now.

The IB Boys & Girls Club are in the middle of a major remodel and are looking forward to the opening of a new remodeled clubhouse that will have a much larger activity area for the children with all brand-new games. Included in the new games will be a brand-new pool table, a brand-new ping pong table and new air hockey table. The games will sit on top of a completely remodeled floor that will look very similar to what is at the City of Imperial Beach per Aaron Ruiz.

Starting Monday all operations and children's activities will be moved to the gym. You can read more about that at:  Imperial Beach Boys and Girls Club to Close Clubhouse beforeMonday as Entire Operations Moved to Gym During Remodel     



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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 

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