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Sun Coast Co-op Market Eat & Greet Draws Large Audience Interested In Bringing Locally Grown & Quality Food to Imperial Beach

Feb 05, 2018 08:01PM ● By Paul Spear

Sun Coast Co-op Market
 Held an Eat & Great for Investors, Potential Investors and Community Residence Interested in Bringing Locally Grown, High Quality & Organic Foods to Imperial Beach last Friday in a well attended meeting at Seaside Candy. An audience of nearly 100 people attended the Eat and Great to try some food and hear the Co-op's presentation.

Unlike a normal business who's sole goal is profit and normally owned by shareholders that don't live in the community and not only might live in a different part of the country but could even live in in a different country altogether. With a co-op the business is owned and governed by the people who use it. It's a business for the local people and owned by the local people who use it.


If you haven't heard yet, there has been a Healthy Grocery Initiative going on in Imperial Beach for awhile now with the goal of opening a Co-op Market (Grocery Store) that will bring locally grown, natural foods and healthy living classes to Imperial Beach and the surrounding communities. This summer they finally launched a drive to raise funds to make the Co-op a reality.

SunCoast Co-op Market came about in November of 2015 as the Healthy Grocery Initiative as a grassroots effort to open a community-owned, cooperative,

grocery store in Imperial Beach, California. SunCoast is part of a resurgence in consumer food cooperatives across America that are strengthening local food systems, increasing access to healthy food for all residents, and providing needed retail outlets for small local farms and producers.

It was originally founded by Marey Stone, now the Board Secretary and Andrea Wogsland, who has since moved away but has bought several shares as Christmas gifts for friends. Currant President, Kim Frink, came aboard shortly after that. 

A consumer food co-op is a business that is owned and controlled by community members, not outside investors. Cooperatives serve their owners and the community. When sufficient funding is raised through owner shares, grants, and loans, a full-service grocery store will be opened. You can support this amazing effort by becoming an owner today!

Why a Co-op is Needed

Healthy eating plays a critical role in determining health outcomes, yet many of I.B.’s neighborhoods meet the UDSA’s definition of a food desert and have an over-abundance of liquor stores, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. According to Esri market data and SunCoast’s local survey, many residents in I.B. and surrounding communities are doing some, or all, of their grocery shopping outside of their neighborhoods. Over a 6-month period:

• 2,488 I.B. residents (13%) shopped at a Trader Joe’s, as did 8,556 Nestor/Otay and 3,108 Coronado residents; the closest Trader Joe’s to I.B. is in Eastlake, 14 miles away.

• 1,528 I.B. residents (8%) shopped at a Whole Foods, as did 5,077 Nestor/Otay and 1,943 Coronado residents; the closest Whole Foods to I.B. is in Hillcrest, 16 miles away.

Said Kim Frink, President of the Healthy Grocery Initiative and Sun Coast Co-op Market, We have had an excellent response to our plan. We expect to have a "Meet and Greet" sometime in the next month for our shareholders and anyone interested in finding out more about the Co-op. 

Right now Sun Coast Co-op Market is selling shares for $100 each with a minimum purchase of 2 shares required with no one person being able to own more than 10 shares. However, no matter how many shares one person may own, each shareholder is limited to one vote. 


For those interested in purchasing shares or getting more information, they are many ways to get the information. They can visit the co-ops website at, the can visit their Facebook page at or call them at (619) 869-7040, or email them at 

There is a great video at the bottom of the page you can watch. We have also attached their presentation that is in the form of a PDF that can be downloaded at the top of the article just underneath the photo or they can view the slides in the photos provided. 


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 



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