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Pump Station Cila in Tijuana Back in Operation after almost 2 Week Shutdown

Jan 24, 2018 09:20PM ● By Paul Spear
On January 9th the US IBWC reported that Pump Station Cila that processes most of Tijuana's sewage had gone out of operation on January 9th from To much rain and sewage coming its way after a rain story. After remaining closed for approximately 2 weeks, the US IBWC reported that Pump Station was back on line.

Here is the January 9th announcement: Mexico has suspended operation of Pump Station CILA this morning due to the rain storm that occurred this morning. I have attached a picture I took less than an hour ago of the Tijuana River near the International Boundary.  Please visit our website for information on the status of the pump station.

January 12th report from US IBWC: 
I just visited the Pump Station CILA with the Mexican Section and as seen in the attached photos the water in the Tijuana River is 3 to 4 times the capacity of the pump station. Mexico indicated that the pump station may be operational early next week as they wait for the stormwater runoff to recede. An update will be posted on our website when Mexico initiates operation.

January 19th report from US IBWC: Mexico continued work today, removing sediment and debris from the intake of Pump Station CILA (See attached Photo). The flow in the Tijuana River at the pump station is approximately 1500 liters per second. As you are aware the capacity of the Pump Station is 1200 lps. Mexico will perform another flow measurement in morning with the objective of operating the pump station when flows decrease to 1200 lps. I will send another update tomorrow.

January 21st report from US IBWC: The Mexican Section has informed us that Pump Station CILA was put into operation by CESPT at 6 pm yesterday (January 20, 2018). Notifications on the status on the operation will be sent out if changes occur on the operation of the Pump Station.

During that time we had a north swell which pushed much of the flow that entered the US, Imperial Beach and ultimately the Pacific Ocean back into Mexican waters. 


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