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The Graffiti Abatement Committee of Residents (GACR) and Montgomery High School (MOH) Students had a Clean Up on Saturday, December 9th

Dec 17, 2017 11:16PM ● By Paul Spear
The Graffiti Abatement Committee of Residents (GACR)  and Montgomery High School (MOH) Students had a Clean Up on SaturdayDecember 9th

The Graffiti Abatement Committee of Residents (GACR) held another DEL

SOL BOULEVARD Clean Up on Saturday, December 9, 2017, starting at 11

a.m. in the Otay Mesa-Nestor (A San Diego City Community - 92154). The

previous one was held on November 18. The focus was to continue to paint

completely walls that repeatedly gets vandalized with graffiti with a

standard color. When these walls are graffiti vandalized the GACR will use

the standard color for abatement thereby eliminating patches of

unmatched paint. For example, a brown wall with graffiti may be abated

with a different color creating a patch of unmatched paint.

GACR available volunteer residents were George, Juan, Jose, and Rodel.

Joining them were Montgomery High School (3250 Palm Avenue, San

Diego, CA 92154) students and parents. Montgomery is one of two public

high schools in the Otay Mesa-Nestor Community (92154).

The clean up involved a graffiti paint out at the Del Sol Boulevard/

Piccard Avenue Wall (see pictures), which consist of the dark Pink and

White wall that are attached to each other. The approximate total length of

both walls is approximately 100 feet. The dark Pink wall is repeatedly

vandalized with graffiti and is covered up with different colors of paint.

The main section of this wall was painted as well as the attached White wall

with a City Tan color. To facilitate the paint out, the GACR used its donated

high quality professional cordless paint sprayer.

The paint sprayer helped to give both walls a finished professional

appearance. When these attached walls are now vandalized with graffiti,

the GACR will be using the City Tan color for abatement. This makes for

quicker abatement and eliminates patches of unmatched paint.

The clean up also involved a litter abatement. Residents Vinny and

husband, Harry coordinated this effort. Residents driving by were honking

their car horns as a way of showing their appreciation of the clean up.

Students learned why residents are so upset when they see graffiti because

it represents a public threat attracting criminals to invade their

neighborhoods. A valuable asset of the GACR is the ability to abate graffiti

in 24 hrs or less. The next Del Sol Boulevard clean up is scheduled on

January of 2018. The most effective deterrent against graffiti vandals is

arrest and successful prosecution (e.g., jail time, restitution).

Otay Mesa-Nestor (OMN) community is twice-the-size (square miles) and

has close to three times the population of the city of Imperial Beach. It is

the largest San Diego City (SDC) community in the South Bay region and in

SDC Council District 8 in square miles and population. The OMN

community consist of the Otay Mesa-west, Palm City, Egger Highlands, and

Nestor neighborhoods. For more information, please contact OMN resident

and GACR founder Rodel at


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 

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