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Congratulations to the Following Mar Vista High School Student-Athletes Who Combined a Balance Between Academic and Athletic Excellence

Nov 15, 2017 01:56PM ● By Paul Spear
Here are Your Mariners on the UT All-Academic Team which is for Varsity Upperclassmen (Juniors and Seniors) with a 3.0+ Cumulative Overall GPA.

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who managed to find the balance between academic and Athletic Excellence:

Luis Godinez Sr     4.14               Boys cross country
Daniel Silva Jr 3.17 Boys cross country
Adam Yoshinaga Sr 4.40 Boys cross country
Elijah Burns Sr 3.18 Boys water polo
Benjamin Clamp Sr 4.05 Boys water polo
Peterson Frith Sr 4.16 Boys water polo
Zachary Hastings Jr 3.75 Boys water polo
Robert Heber Jr 3.46 Boys water polo
Ian Jackson Sr 4.37 Boys water polo
Jeremy Longworth Jr 4.08 Boys water polo
Jose "JP" Alba Jr 3.33 Football
Donovan Axelson Sr 3.08 Football
Jake Borst Sr 3.00 Football
Jason Capron Jr 3.96 Football
Nikolas Figueroa Sr 3.11 Football
Jacob Galeana Jr 3.17 Football
Erick Gutierrez Jr 3.38 Football
Alexander Gutierrez Jr 3.56 Football
Jermaine Jackson Sr 3.08 Football
Marcelino Maclang Jr 3.46 Football
Michael Munoz Sr 3.58 Football
Zackary Rall Sr 3.49 Football
Daniel Ramirez Sr 3.35 Football
Marcus Ramirez Jr 3.11 Football
Damon Thomas Jr 3.28 Football
Cynthia Arroyo Jr 3.71 Girls cross country
Rowena Mendieta Sr 3.97 Girls cross country
Rebecca Romero Jr 3.63 Girls cross country
Sarah Meza Sr 3.58 Girls golf
Ariana Montreuil Sr 3.97 Girls golf
Lauryn Rockwell Sr 3.08 Girls golf
Kaylin Bekish Sr 3.97 Girls tennis
Unique Equihua Sr 3.08 Girls tennis
Stephanie Felix Jr 4.04 Girls tennis
Alisha Hensle Sr 3.86 Girls tennis
Valeria Parra Jr 4.04 Girls tennis
Leanna Salas Jr 3.83 Girls tennis
Brenda Velazquez Jr 3.67 Girls tennis
Lisette Guevara Sr 3.57 Girls volleyball
Alexandra Hazuga Sr 4.03 Girls volleyball
Ana James Sr 4.14 Girls volleyball
Emily Leslie Jr 3.81 Girls volleyball
Bailey Morales Sr 4.16 Girls volleyball
Brooke Penny Sr 4.14 Girls volleyball
Lyndsey Rector Jr 4.04 Girls volleyball
Sydney Snaith Sr 3.62 Girls volleyball
Shaylin Weygandt Jr 3.50 Girls volleyball
Lauren Wold Jr 3.68 Girls volleyball
Burke Sebastian Jr 3.91 Football
Cline Scott Sr 3.53 Football
Rosales Sebastian Jr 3.29 Football


Thank you to Mariner Athletic Director Tyler Arciaga for providing our readers with this information and congratulations from all of us!


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Paul Spear, Publisher, and Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 



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