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Congratulations to the SD Small Business Forum on their Second Year Anniversary!!!

Sep 15, 2017 03:40PM ● By Paul Spear

Congratulations to the SD Small Business Forum on their Second Year Anniversary!!! 

 The 2nd Annual IB's Chills & Thrills (Halloween Event) Is Saturday, October 28th at the IB Pier Plaza. Congratulations to the SD Small Business Forum on their Second Year Anniversary!!! 

The SD Small Business Forum was created in 2015. Edel Vernazza, the owner and founder said she started the business with the words "HELP and SUPPORT" in mind for small businesses. The business was started here in the heart of Imperial Beach. Their first event was hosted in 2015 to benefit a homeless man who had been through a very traumatic experience here in Imperial Beach. After receiving great support from the community of Imperial Beach, the Mayor and City Manager, the owner and founder Edel Vernazza, said she decided to take the next step and decided to make her business into a resource for all small business in the community as well all over the county. The SD Small Business Forum is always looking for ways to give back to the community, hosting vendors events to support local families, small business and charities.

Edel has done a great job of planning events to help small home-based business sells their products. Edel has also done well as a Social Media Marketing Manager and continues to help small businesses by giving them the opportunity to participate at her local vendors events. With the support of Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce, she hosts monthly networking meetings where she has professional guest speakers who are always ready to share their knowledge and ideas with small business owners. 

In February 2017, the SD Small Business Forum (Edel Vernazza) received an award from the City’s Mayor for her outstanding business and community support. She has earned the trust and support from many local families as well businesses. 

Future Events

2nd Annual IB's Chills & Thrills (Halloween Event) 

Saturday October 28, 2017 

From 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

Imperial Beach Pier Plaza 


Customer Reviews

*This company really gives great opportunities for small businesses in San Diego to learn and grow. The events they put on and sponsor are well organized and fun! Edel the owner is fantastic! She responds quickly, and professionally. I am so glad I became a member!

Iris Meyer 

*I so impressed with Edel. She was very instrumental in my success. I look forward to future events hosted by SDSBF. In addition to great sales the event was awesome!!

Kristine Robinson

*You have helped my business grow from the very beginning!! Thanks to you and your hard work I have a thriving business now!! I love the events to give us all a chance to get our business out there!!!

Cindy McClusky


If you looking to grow your home-based business or need help with your small business, you can contact the SD Small Business Forum for a business consultation at 



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