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The Mariners Held their Annual Alumni Water Polo Game Saturday!

Aug 21, 2017 05:32AM ● By Paul Spear

The Mariners Held their Annual Alumni Water Polo Game Saturday!

The Mariners Alumni Water Polo Team Gave This Year's Water Polo Team a Good Game and then Enjoyed some Great Food and the Family's got to Play in the Pool after the Game on Saturday! Sweetwater School Board Vice President and Trustee for District 5, Paula Hall was there getting input on new pool!


The varsity water polo team had a rough time keeping up with the Alumni water polo team on Saturday but they got some good experience out of the game as the alumni team had little trouble in holding off the varsity to win the game on Saturday! However, the game wasn't about keeping score but for everyone to have a good time while the varsity gained some valuable experience playing a team that was both bigger and stronger than them in the pool. 


After the game there was some great barbecued burgers served along with other treats as everyone enjoyed everyones company and the kids got to play in the pool after the game was over.

Attending the event was Sweetwater School Board Vice President and Trustee for District 5, Paula Hall as she worked on getting feedback from the coaches and families on their thoughts of what a new pool at Mar vista may look like. Paula Hall will be working on setting up more meetings to get feedback on this very important issue. Right now Coronado is the only high school with a 50 meter pool which means they get to host all of the major water sport events.
The pool at Mar Vista is shared with other schools so it would make sense for them to have a 50 
 meter pool vs the currant 25 meter pool. Als needing to be discussed is the location of the new pool which right now is on blueprints to be installed on the open field on the west end of the school off Elm Street. Traffic could be a problem, so there are many issues that need to be discussed in the upcoming meetings including weather the City of Imperial Beach is going to become involved with the pool both from a financial standpoint and using the pool for its citizens also.

Look for announcements from Paula Hall as we will be publishing when she will be having events to discuss the new pool!

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Paul Spear, Editor of Dig Imperial Beach 



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