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Mariner Varsity to Scrimmage at MVHS vs El Cajon & San Ysidro Thursday August 17th

Aug 17, 2017 02:40AM ● By Paul Spear
Mariner Varsity to Scrimmage at MVHS vs El Cajon & San Ysidro Thursday August 17th

The Varsity will take turns going against the 2 schools on the full field and will sit out a turn as San Ysidro goes up against El Cajon as San Ysidro was unable to find a partner as theirs dropped out and MVHS & El Cajon are being nice enough to accommodate San Ysidro. Their scrimmage, the varsity, will start at 5pm.

The JV & Novice will start at 3pm. Since one school doesn't have a novice team and the other doesn't have a JV team. Those scrimmages will start at 3pm and be limited to half of the football field. and when done, the varsity is scheduled to start at 5pm.

The team practicing in the video in black is the MVHS Varsity. The team in white is the Mariner novice.

Last year the team went to Seattle and met Pete Carol of the Seahawks. This year they will be traveling to Los Vegas and playing Bonanza High School. Each year the Head Coach Tyler Arciaga trys to take them to a different location to keep the program exciting and interesting. 
They've traveled to the LA Area one year to play San Gabriel. It's great because it gives the players exposure to different areas and hopefully besides making it exciting and seeing different parts of the country, it gives them chances to play in front of new crowds and improve their chances for football Scholarships. they have also traveled to San Francisco and of course this year they will have their Silver Strand rivalry and play Coronado.

Mar Vista High School Athletic Director and Varsity Head Coach Tyler Arciaga is doing the video interview.

It was done outside and we had sme problems picking up sound. So if it doesn't come out well,

we will do it one day inside.

We hope to have highlights from 8/17/2017 scrimmage highlights!


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Paul Spear, Editor of Dig Imperial Beach




Interview with head Coach and Athletic Director Tyler Arciaga

Mar Vista High School Varsity Practices Football

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