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Port of San Diego Establishes Maritime Stakeholder Forum

Aug 10, 2017 01:34PM ● By Paul Spear

Port of San Diego Establishes Maritime Stakeholder Forum

Contact: Brianne Mundy Page O: (619) 686-6243 C: (619) 348-1518

Port of San Diego Board Chairman Robert “Dukie” Valderrama has established a Maritime Stakeholder Forum to provide a venue for the Port, Port tenants and other interested persons to discuss and give input on maritime issues. The Forum’s next meeting is Thursday, August 10, 2017, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. in the Training Room at the Port Administration Building, 3165 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101. The public is welcome to attend and there will be an opportunity for public comment. The agenda is available here.
The Forum is made up of Chairman Valderrama and Vice Chair Rafael Castellanos, Port staff and interested maritime-related business communities and organizations.

“In the Port of San Diego’s role as leading the working waterfront and facilitating the movement of goods and people, we have established the Maritime Stakeholder Forum to promote dialogue and feedback on a number of maritime initiatives that are underway or are being contemplated,” said Chairman Valderrama.

Specific issues to be discussed are included in the 2017 Annual Work-Plan developed by Forum members and approved by the Board of Port Commissioners at its August 8, 2017 board meeting. Those issues are: 

  1. Ways to foster innovative maritime business and trade development
  2. Ways to enhance maritime industry relationships
  3. Cruise Optimization Plan
  4. Planning initiatives related to Maritime
  5. Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Modernization Plan
  6. National City Balanced Plan
  7. Other significant and emergent Maritime issues 
The Forum operates in accordance to the guidelines set forth for all stakeholder forums as outlined in the BPC Policy No. 018A (Resolution 2008-273, February 12, 2013). The Forum will have no authority to negotiate for, represent, or commit the Port in any respect. There will be no voting on any matter being discussed by the members.
Forum guidelines are: 
  1. Forums are open public meetings with public notice requirements in accordance with the State's open meeting laws.
  2. Forums are created to provide venues for discussion of subject areas under their purview as stated in the annual work-plan approved by the Board. The Board retains the final authority on all matters. Forum participants are not authorized to give direction to Port staff.
  3. Port staff will support requests for information and will create summary reports of the Forum discussions for the Board after each Forum is held.
  4. The public is welcome to attend any Forum. There will be an opportunity for public comment at each Forum discussion.
  5. Forum discussions shall be focused on items contained in the annual work-plan adopted by the Board, which may be modified by the Board. 

The Forum will meet at least quarterly or as needed through the end of 2017 for the purpose of carrying out its duties and responsibilities. Future Forum meetings will be publicly noticed on the Port website.

About Port of San Diego Maritime:
Port of San Diego Maritime is our gateway to the world – leading our working waterfront and facilitating the movement of goods and people, internationally and domestically. Port Maritime businesses employ thousands of residents and generate billions of dollars per year for the regional economy, creating a prosperous global economic engine for all.

About the Port of San Diego:
The Port of San Diego serves the people of California as a specially created district, balancing multiple uses on 34 miles along San Diego Bay spanning five cities. Collecting no tax dollars, the Port manages a diverse portfolio to generate revenues that support vital public services and amenities.

The Port champions Maritime, Waterfront Development, Public Safety, Experiences and Environment, all focused on enriching the relationship people and businesses have with our dynamic waterfront. From cargo and cruise terminals to hotels and restaurants, from marinas to museums, from 22 public parks to countless events, the Port contributes to the region’s prosperity and remarkable way of life on a daily basis.

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