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After 30 years of Playing Music, Allen Camp, of Fuzz Huzzi, is Playing His Last Concert at the "Back to School Bash" on Saturday July 22nd

Jul 20, 2017 05:55PM ● By Paul Spear

After 30 years of Playing Music, Allen Camp, of Fuzz Huzzi, is Playing His Last Concert at the "Back to School Bash" on Saturday July 22nd

The "Back to School Bash" at the IB Boys & Girls Club, Will Be Allen's Last Gig as Allen is Dedicating His Time & Knowledge of the Music Industry into Managing Bands and Helping Others!

On July 22nd at the Imperial Beach Boys & Girls Club, Allen Camp and his band, Fuzz Huzzi,
will e playing their last concert at the Back to School Bash. Allen has decided to take his knowledge of the music industry and manage bands and to use his knowledge of the music industry help others.

Since 1987 when Allen got talked into a Music Contest at school Allen has been playing and writing music. Although Allen played drums in the contest, he quickly changed over to playing guitar. Three months later Allen was in a band, Misguided Children. That lasted about a year before Allen changed to a band called Crosstown Traffic. While at Crosstown Traffic from 1988-199, Allen played a mixture of Blues, Grunge and Rock. Their lead singer was a gal named Jamie Kelly.

In 1992 Allen gave that up to travel to Seattle were some exciting new music was coming from. While there Allen wrote music with On Whidbey Island. After the Seattle experience it was time to return to San diego which Allen did in 1993 to record 
 the music he had written and in 1994 Allen release his first album with his new band Fuzz Huzzi, The album, his first was self titled "Fuzz Huzzi" and for the next 23 years Fuzz Huzzi has been playing their music to the enjoyment of their following. 

But playing music was not Allen did. From 2,000 to 2010 Allen was employed by the City of imperial Beach and Allen did many musical related things at in the Boys and Girls Club at the IB Sports Park. While working there Allen taught guitar, he did clinic for the children and teenagers as well as helping them do concert series and worked with students from Mar Vista High School. 

Allen found that he really enjoy helping the kids and it was a job he loved doing. He found helping others very rewarding. But, unfortunately all good things come to an end and after being there 10 years he found things changing. It started to become more of a job and he already had one writing music and playing in Fuzz Huzzi which he had continued to do while working for the City of Imperial Beach. 

Allen has always enjoyed music and he learned from his grandparents who raised him, both pair,
to enjoy the ride and that there is no limit to what you can do if you set your mind to it. Allen has carried this "can do" with him his whole life and his always respected the people he's worked and played with as well as the people he's come in contact with.

So now, after play and writing music for 30 years, Allen is returning to another thing he loves, helping others. Allen found it only fair that if he was going to manage bands and consult with musicians that it was only fair that he 
dedicate himself to that. So this Saturday, after he plays at the Back to School Bash at the IB Boys and Girls Club, Allen is closing down Fuzz Huzzi and will be dedicating himself to his new business ARC, Artists Relations collective. ARC does Podcast, manages bands and consulting. He already is managing several bands and consulting for a few others. 

Some of the bands Allen manages under ARC are the local bands, DAB (a.k.a. Dogol and the Berrys), The Wr3ck, Society Victim which features Eric Dogol, and Sub Surfer. ARC also co manages Mino, and some of his ARC Members that he helps with various things that could include booking, consulting or promoting include Boss Fight, The Rillest Rap, Uprising, Malaki, Seth Carpenter and Jason C Hasing.

As we say goodbye to Allen and Fuzz Huzzi Saturday at the Back to School Bash at the IB Boys & Girls Club Saturday, we wish him well in his new endeavor! And look for and enjoy some of the bands ARC is working with Saturday at the Back to School Bash as well. 

Allen, we hope you continue to "Enjoy the Ride"
Paul Spear, Publisher/Editor of Dig Imperial Beach


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Paul Spear, Editor of Dig Imperial Beach   



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