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A Gas Leak/Work Has Closed Down Imperial Beach Blvd/Coronado Ave During Rush Hour Today, Tuesday

Jul 18, 2017 05:40PM ● By Paul Spear

A Gas Leak/Work Has Closed Down Imperial Beach Blvd/Coronado Ave

  During Rush Hour Today, Tuesday

No Details were available on the gas leak from Imperial Beach as the gas leak come from the San Diego side. However, IB Blvd/Coronado Ave has been closed to through traffic.

It is not clear if it is from a leak or just work but it appears to be a leak that took place around 15th Street on the San Diego side of the street.

Do details are available as to when the street will be open again to through traffic.
Paul Spear, Publisher/Editor of Dig Imperial Beach


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Paul Spear, Editor of Dig Imperial Beach   



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