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Fireworks Show in Imperial Beach Draws Large Crowds

Jul 08, 2017 12:52AM ● By Paul Spear

Thousands of Spectators Enjoyed a Spectacular 4th of July Firework Show in Imperial Beach that was put on by the Port of San Diego on Tuesday Night. It was a Great Way to Finish the Day!  

Imperial Beach was filled with excited events this 4th of July and the Fireworks Show capped a tremendous day of fun in Imperial Beach. The day started with the Imperial Beach Bike Parade and Pancake Breakfast which was enjoyed by of a 1,000 participants. Everyone was dressed in patriotic outfits or had their vehicle decorated up for the 4th with all sorts of patriot decorations.

Later in the day brought the 32nd St Navy Band playing music and their was a great Pot Luck over at the Fleet Reserve if you were lucky enough to get there. Parking on Seacoast Drive was not allow but the beach still starting filling up the night before with tents and canopies for people to get out of the sun while waiting for the finale of the day, the Imperial Beach 4th of July Fireworks Show put on by the Port of San Diego and no doubt some help from Tim and Candy Unger.

The Fireworks lasted from 9pm to 9:30pm but many people were still waiting in traffic at midnight to excite the city because of the large crowd. There is a nice video at the very bottom of the article with the last minute of the fireworks shown for you to enjoy as well.

I enjoyed the fireworks from my good friend Nancy's house on 5th street above the beach and had a great view. I hope you enjoy the photos of the fireworks and of you happened to miss the articles on the IB Bike Parade we have a couple of good one. The first was is more descriptive but has the Photo of the Day by Tyler Chalmers with a great photo of the parade starting up. the second is a photo gallery of the Parade and if you participated in it there is a good chance you'll find your photo! Just click on the photo to get to that article!


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Paul Spear, Editor of Dig Imperial Beach   



Fireworks Show in Imperial Beach Draws Large Crowds - Here is the finish

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