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Baron Partlow, Members of Stop the Poop Were Joined by Others For a Protest March at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego on Thursday

Jul 06, 2017 10:00PM ● By Linda Heath

Baron Partlow, Members of Stop the Poop Were Joined by Others For a Protest March at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego on Thursday.

Protesters gathered at the San Diego location of the Mexican Consulate to voice their frustration and displeasure about the almost constant raw sewage emanating from Mexico.  The marchers chanted "Stop the Poop", "Clean water now", "Save our beaches and Estuary", "Make mexico be responsible", "Close the beaches, close the Border" and many others to voice the concerns and inform the passers by and the Media.  ABC Channel 10 News, NBC Channel 39 News and Dig Imperial Beach were present and recording the event.

There have been almost 750 million gallons saturating our beaches in Imperial Beach, Coronado and the Coronado Cays since February, when the original massive spill occurred.  The spill was not identified by the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) for almost three weeks even though the water was very brown and the smell was intolerable.  The claim was that they weren't informed of the spill until they told the South Bay.  Since the original major spill there have been almost daily discharges of sewage into the Tijuana River, which go through the very critical and Sensitive Estuary which can no longer handle or filter the load.  The individuals who live in the Tijuana River Valley are the first to notice the spills and the smell and that area is also filled with  equestrian ranches and the horses have been shown up to there knees in polluted water.

Our beaches have been closed more than they have been open with the sewage, chemicals, medical waste, heavy metals, and pathogenic organisms which are contained in the sewage and routine trash flowing to us.  The infrastructure for treating the sewage and cleaning the water has been determined to be not only ineffective but deteriorated beyond all repair in Mexico and there seems to be no concern from the Mexican Government.

The goal of the March was to obtain as much support as possible from the Government and hopefully President Trump.  A cessation of the current practice of just dispersing the sewage into the River and Ocean, dumping trash and other waste, repairing or building new facilities which are able to accommodate the major spills in Mexico so that our treatment facilities can further treat the sewage and eliminate the harmful elements contained within.

Please help spread the word through letters and calls and emails to our Elected Officials and beyond, up to the president and let them know this is unacceptable and must be remedied!  Tell Governor Brown and San Diego City Council members a state of emergency must be declared before the National Government can step in with funding and other relief.  
Linda Heath, Senior Reporter Associate Editor,
Paul Spear, Publisher/Editor of Dig Imperial Beach


Linda Heath Interviews Baron Partlow Part#1 at Mexican Consulate on Thursday July 6th

Linda Heath Interviews Baron Partlow Part#2 at Mexican Consulate on Thursday July 6th

Ginger Sacco Speaks with Linda Heath at Mexican Consulate on Thursday July 6th

Stop the Poop Marches at Mexican Consulate on Thursday July 6th

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