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Large Crowds Were Present at Grocery Outlet as it Opened its Doors for Business Today

Jul 06, 2017 07:16PM ● By Linda Heath

Large Crowds Were Present at Grocery Outlet as it Opened its Doors for Business Today in Imperial Beach's Breakwater Town Center.

Today Grocery Outlet opened it's doors early to a large crowd of excited shoppers waiting since early morning.  The store opened to a rush of patrons eager to see the new store and make purchases of fresh items previously not available to the Community.

There is a large section of Organic selections, a large meat and produce section and a premier Wine and gourmet food selection.  The store is large and efficiently appointed.  The displays are pleasing to look at and the offerings are truly awesome.  They have gone out of their way to bring the freshest produce and fruit possible and have a large section of of items not usually found in a standard grocery store.

The pricing is good and very affordable.  All items priced and local suppliers are utilized.  The staff was very friendly and helpful with several checkout stands available.

The shoppers were very impressed and all commented on the beautiful store which also had photographs contributed by local photographer Bryan Brillhart.  

Manager Marc Aronsohn presented the Grocery Outlet Concept of NOSH, Natural, Organic, Specialty and Healthy.  It is the goal of this process to provide all that would be necessary for a balanced and healthy lifestyle and way of eating, and they strive to make this available to all shoppers.

Thank you Grocery Outlet and we are very glad to have you in our Community!
Linda Heath, Senior Reporter Associate Editor,
Linda Heath of Dig Imperial Beach


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