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Malcolm Jones of IB Art Bureau and Surfhenge Artist & Surfboard Bench's at IB Pier Plaza Doing Maintenance

Jun 19, 2017 10:27PM ● By Paul Spear

Malcolm Jones Surfhenge Artist & Artist that made Surfboard Bench's at IB Pier Plaza Doing Maintenance and Upgrades

Last month you may have noticed someone polishing and cleaning up Surfhenge, That was Malcolm


Jones the original artist that put Surfhenge in back in the late 1990's. Malcolm also put in all the surfboard bench's that are in IB Pier Plaza at the same time and later the city added more surfboard bench's so the extend all the way down Seacoast Drive to Imperial Beach Blvd on one end and all the way down to Palm Avenue on the other end and then up a couple of blocks on Palm Avenue as well, 

Just recently, Malcolm put in the surfboard bench's at the IB Library as well.

This week Malcolm Jones is working on replacing one of the old worn-out benches at IB Pier Plaza.
Malcolm can be seen down there occasionally doing maintenance and upkeep. So if you ever see him, stop by and say "Hello" and "thank you" to the creator of Surfhenge,

Recently we did an article on Malcolm and Surfhenge. Below is a portion of the article and a link to the complete article if you would like to read it.

The Story of Imperial Beach's Iconic Surfhenge and the Artist that Brought it to Life, Malcolm Jones.


Malcolm's proposal for the Pier Plaza was chosen and Surfhenge came to be. After that was completed, the plaza still seemed to be missing something and Malcolm proposed benches designed after historic surfboards. And, as the professional he is, he not only did the surfboard benches but with every one of the 10 original surfboard benches there is a plaque in front telling the history of Big Wave surfing in the Imperial Beach Sloughs. Over by the Dempsey Holder Safety Center you’ll find a bench dedicated to Dempsey Holder, the “Dean of the Sloughs” with the bench a design of his famous Red Dot Surfboard and the plaque telling of Dempsey first riding the Big Waves of the Sloughs in 1937 in suffers from around the world coming to meet him at the Lifeguard tower that was originally at Palm Avenue The bench closest to the IB Pier is referred to by Malcolm as the Mayor’s Bench since the plaque contains a quote from IB Mayor Serge Dedina. Other benches contain the names of big wave surfers who traveled to Imperial Beach to take their shot at riding the big waves at the Sloughs in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Legends like Buzzy Bent, Phil Edwards, John Elwell, and Jeff “Spiderman” Knox. Another containing local legends that surfed the Sloughs during that same period. Names like Jack “Woody” Ekstrom, Jim Voit , Buddy Hull, and more.

Malcolm later went on to do another very important public art pieces in Mission Beach dedicated to the infamous “Green Flash” as the art piece is named. Located at the very busy 3100 Block of Ocean Front Walk

Today Malcom is still busy doing his art having recently put in the surfboard benches at the new Imperial Beach Library.

So next time your down at the Imperial Beach Pier Plaza, take a stroll around the plaza and check out the surfboard benches and read the plaques dedicated to the big wave surfers who surfed the Sloughs and were legends were born and enjoy the wonderful art of Imperial Beach’s Malcolm Jones.


 Paul Spear, Publisher, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach


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