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The 10th and Iris Community Park Was Opened On June 6th

Jun 10, 2017 12:15PM ● By Paul Spear

The 10th and Iris Community Park Was Opened On Tuesday in a Very Private Sharing of History, Culture and Community.  The Guests were members of the Community, City Leaders, Members of the Project and Kumeyaay Tribal Leaders.

In a Symbiotic and symbolic presence, the Historical Inhabitants, the Kumeyaay, joined with the Current residents of the Community in Celebration and Dedication of the newest Imperial Beach Community Park.  In attendance were Mayor Serge Dedina, Victor Woods The Vice President, Gabriel TeSam a Councilman of the Viejas Band of the Kumeyaay People, Steven Wright of 4Walls Int the builders and designers of the  Park, Community Residents, the designers and builders of the park and volunteers, Allen Wiseley who made the panel, Malcolm Jones the Sculptor of Surfhenge, members of the IB Arts Bureau who supported the project  and Maxx Moses who designed the panel.

A respect for the past and hope for the future residents of the area, each guest expressed their feelings and a desire to continue the working relationship which has been established between Imperial Beach and it's residents and the Kumeyaay Tribal Nation, the first inhabitants of the South Bay.

The Park is a place of Peace and Reflection, a calming interlude to the day.  A place for Community and Families.  A Japanese traditional soil raking enhanced the soil circles and added to the natural beauty of the Park.

The design of the Park has great significance and reflects the joining of Community, Culture and Peoples with the joining of the three circles and surrounding paths.  The statuary is reflective of Six unique aspects and icons of the area:
*The Iconic Surfhenge - Represents the surfing influence and  human interaction with the Ocean
*The Celebration of our partnership with the Navy, NOLF, and the sacrifices which they made
*The Native Plants and natural influence in preserving our environment
*The Historical Basketry of the First Peoples, the Kumeyaay and their reverence for the land
*The Ridgeway Rail symbolic of the endangered species of our Community and need to save
*The Tijuana River Watershed and the Estuary and the critical function they provide us

The celebration concluded with pledges to continue the traditions of the past and future, cultural significance, art and beauty, and the natural environment.  The Kumeyaay Leaders followed with a tour of other significant areas of Imperial Beach to the history of the Kumeyaay and their continued habitation of the area for several thousand years.

I encourage everyone to visit the Park and learn about it's native plants and animals, the endangered Species of the area, the Estuary and Tijuana Watershed, the Helicopter Squadron at NOLF, and History of the Kumeyaay.  I hope you will research the Kumeyaay and enjoy the wonderful Culture and Arts they have contributed to History and currently.  
Linda Heath, Senior Reporter Associate Editor,

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