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Surfrider Holds Meeting at Imperial Beach Library

May 27, 2017 12:57AM ● By Linda Heath

Surfrider Holds a special  Meeting at Imperial Beach Library.  The first "No Border Sewage" (NoBS) meeting in Imperial Beach.

The first NoBS meeting was very focused on the recen,t past and almost daily contamination of the Tijuana River Valley, the Estuary and Imperial Beach.  A discussion about testing the water and sand was a really lively topic and great input, ideas and suggestions were brought up by all the attendees.

We talked about the continuation of the letter writing campaign and how we need to be consistent and constant to let our elected officials know how angry and concerned we all are and need some action from them now.

Staff members from Surfriider will be attending the Blue Vision Summit is an ocean conference bringing ocean conservation leaders together every two years to network, build the blue movement and meet with the Administration and Congress to restore the blue in our red, white and blue.  This spring some 500 people from local, regional and national groups, scientists, explorers and others will attend the Summit that will include a Healthy Ocean citizen lobby on Capitol Hill which will be immediately followed by a post lobby briefing at the Mott House. The 10th annual Peter Benchley Ocean Awards (PBOA) will take place Thursday May 11 at the Sant Ocean Hall. Called ‘The Academy Awards of the Sea, the PBOA recognize leaders from many walks of life finding solutions to the threats facing our blue world. The Awards are separate from the Blue Vision Summit, your ticket to the Summit does not include access to the Awards.

Click here to learn more about the 10th Annual Peter Benchley Ocean Awards being held on May 11, 2017

The 2017 Summit could be the most important of our lifetime. We are going to have to defend the health of our public seas from an Administration and Congress that denies climate change impacts while promoting offshore drilling and pro-polluter policies. We need to build our blue movement so that it can turn the tide for productive seas and communities.


We need this Agenda to strengthen the Blue Economy, and address the challenges of a changing ocean and a changing climate. Its key areas are:

      1. Putting an End to Offshore Drilling by 2030
      2. Ridding the Ocean of Plastic and Other Forms of Pollution
      3. Building Coastal Resiliency Through Smart Ecosystem-Based Planning

These priority areas are not to be construed as neglecting or ignoring other critical challenges, such as restoring marine wildlife, promoting sustainable fisheries and marine farming, addressing ocean acidification and nutrient pollution, and many others that we still face as a maritime nation and blue world. That’s why we hope you’ll join us, Dr. Sylvia Earle, NRDC, Clean Ocean Action, Surfrider Foundation, Greenpeace, Oceana, Colorado Ocean Coalition, and many others at the 6th Blue Vision Summit in Washington D.C. May 9-11.

There will be a movie night coming up the end of May or early June and discussion of which movies will be viewed, Blue Planet, a NOAA video or another.  The selection will be current and should generate interest in the Ocean and it's plight.

There will be an up coming overnight Baja Trip during the summer and is always well attended, and sponsored by Surfrider.

Tijuana action month is September and the 30th will be an event with Wildcoast and I love a Clean San Diego and will be a Bi-National event at Monument Park.

To learn more about all of Surfrider's programs and upcoming events see the website" 


Linda Heath, Senior Reporter Associate Editor,


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