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Several Hundred Solidarity Marchers Chanting "Save our Seas" from IB and Coronado Joined-up at Imperial Beach Pier on Saturday

Apr 30, 2017 08:46PM ● By Paul Spear

Several Hundred Imperial Beach and Coronado Residents Marched in Solidarity to Chants of Save our Sea's in Imperial Beach on Saturday. The March was Organized by the SB Clean Water Movement, Coronado Surfing Association, Surfrider and other local groups.

Imperial Beach City Councilman Mark West address the crowd of marchers after they came together at the end of the Imperial Beach Pier. His message was clear, "We must continue to write and demand action from our elected Officials, we have sent 1600 letters and postcards and need to obtain a response from them.  It has been over 90 days with no response!  We need to have action!"  "We need to send 1600 more and continue until there is a response with some intended action to be performed".   

Said Lisa Thompson of the Coronado Woman's Surfing Group, "This may have been the first-time Coronado and Imperial Beach residents came together for a cause. We are all people, we all need our environment, we are stoked that today we united for something as precious as Mother Ocean. This is just the beginning, please keep reaching out to our elected officials. A huge thank you for those that were able to come out today!"

There were enthusiastic shouts of "Save Our Seas" and "What Do We Want" which generated more responses of "Clean Water" and "When Do We Want It" "NOW"!  All participants were very supportive including two lovely kids in a wagon carrying a toy Dolphin.  When asked about the Dolphin, she replied she wanted to save all Dolphins!  All along the route to the Pier, cars went by and honked their horns in support and raised their hands in the air as the surfers do with thumb and little finger raised.

When asked about how she thought the event went, Steph Pate, one of the organizers with the South Bay Clean Water Movement of the event, said, "It was amazing to see how many people turned out for the event." She went on to say, She was honored to meet and get to know so many great and caring people while helping with the event." Steph went on to say, "We have to continue to keep the pressure on our elected officials.

At 3pm on Saturday, IB residents started their march from the south side of Imperial Beach starting at 3rd St and Imperial Beach Blvd, marching down Imperial Beach Blvd towards the ocean and turned north on Seacoast Drive before arriving at the Imperial Beach Pier. 

At the same time, Coronado Residents started their march from the north end of Imperial Beach at 3rd St and Palm, turning down Seacoast and walking to the IB Pier. The Marchers all left at 3pm so they would meet at the pier at the same time. IBers and Coronadians met in the middle and joined forces in a single file line along the left side of the Pier in a show of force for the Ocean and all of our lives to eliminate a continued deadly polluting of our surrounding waters and Estuary.  Inspiring Speeches were made, Reporters and Drone footage captured the scene for the historical event of the first joint effort by IB and Coronado, and hopefully the trend will continue as we both share the same issues and complaints.

Contributors to the article were Paul Spear and Linda Heath from Dig Imperial Beach, Video coverage was provided by Daron Case and David Ari Fischer of Coronado shot the drone footage. 

Clean Water March

Event from Imperial Beach Side

Clean Water March - Coronado Pitches In

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