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Why Restaurants Don't Donate Unsold Food To Those In Need

Apr 19, 2017 05:43PM ● By Linda Heath

Why Restaurants Don't Donate Unsold Food To Those In Need.  The Restaurants Often Are Unaware Of a Law Enacted in 1995, Called The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act Which Holds Harmless All Food Donors From Any Liability Related to Their Donation.

The Act specifically identifies that the food donated must be in good condition, without mold or otherwise unacceptable for human consumption.  In other words, it must be in edible condition and ready to be cooked and or eaten.  It may be refrigerated or frozen if already cooked or prepared.

Those who are in need of food and have no way to prepare it, would greatly appreciate whatever the donor can provide rather than the food go to waste in the landfill or become compost.

Please consider the food you have in excess or unsold and contribute it to the hungry, your gift will also fill you with a sense of peace and joy knowing you have provided your fabulous food to others.

Thanks in advance and please see the link below and learn of the Good Samaritan Act and feel confident that the good food you provide will not legally jeopardize your generosity!
Linda Heath, Senior Reporter, Associate Editor


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