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The Clouds Got In My Eyes: "Angel Clouds"

Apr 18, 2017 08:48AM ● By Linda Heath

The Clouds Got In My Eyes:  "Angel Clouds"!  The Most Exquisite Soft Air-Brush Angel Clouds Ever Were In The Sky Today!

I grew up with the most exciting love of clouds and can see many things in them, shapes, animals, people, designs, patterns etc.  But the most favorite were the Angel Clouds, and this term stayed with me from the first time I Exclaimed "look Daddy, there are Angels in the Clouds"

The wispy wonder of my childhood has stayed with me my whole life and I feel the giddy excitement even now and the joy they brought me when I was young.  

We as adults sometimes forget the simple joys and excitement of being a child and the way we could imagine the most fantastical things because there were no limits placed on them.  When we get older we know that things have a concrete basis or specific precept, rather than a limitless awareness we have in youth.  

We should take time each day and recall the wonder of childhood and be as a child and see the world through Rose-colored" glasses once more and allow ourselves the ability to just accept excitement, wonder and joy to take us away to a happy time and place and the world would be a better place for us all!

Enjoy! LOVE.  Go walk through a puddle, spin until you're dizzy, sing aloud, get dirty, take off your shoes and go barefoot in the grass, let your hair fly free, hold hands with your best friend and skip down the path, lay on the grass or the sand and just look at the beautiful sky and the Angel Clouds and DREAM!
(Little) Linda Heath, Senior Reporter,


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