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On Monday, Former United States Congressman Brian Bilbray Shared Some Very Frank and Candid Thoughts on Sewage Crisis with Baron Partlow & Dig Imperial Beach

Apr 12, 2017 01:48PM ● By Paul Spear

On Monday, Former U.S. Congressman Brian Bilbray Shared Some Very Candid Thoughts on Sewage Crisis with Baron Partlow & Dig Imperial Beach in a Video’s and Written Interview

Because of the length of the interview we have broken it into 2 parts.

Brian Bilbray sat down with Brian Partlow and Dig Imperial Beach on Monday.
You can watch a video interview below and/ or read about the interview below.

Before we start, here is Brian's background:

Brian Phillip Bilbray was born at the North Island Naval Station and grew up in Imperial Beach. He graduated from Mar Vista High School and and attended Southwestern College. Brian served on Imperial Beach City Council from 1976–1978, and was Imperial Beach Mayor from 1978–1985. From 1985 to 1995, Bilbray served as a San Diego County Board of Supervisors and was a U.S. Congressman, serving from 1995 to 2001 and from 2006 to 2012. 

When Brian was Mayor of Imperial Beach he had to deal with a mosquito outbreak in the Tijuana Estuary, the Health Department still uses the uses the protocols that were set up to deal with the outbreak in 1978. He also had to deal with a major sewage problem with Tijuana, Mexico in 1980 when a pipe broke and was dumping massive amounts of sewage into Imperial Beach daily. During that time, they tried to get the State Department involved as well as the EPA. They tried to get the Water Quality Board involved and they didn't want to deal with it. Finally, getting no results, he attempted to dam up the Tijuana River before those departments stopped him.

Brian's thoughts are that government feels that doing business with Mexico is more important than the environment here in the United States. He went on to say that if this was a US Company was polluting a US city like this they would be stopped in a second. The business would be fined for the act and if that didn't stop the problem they would shut that business down. he said people would be falling over themselves to get the problem stopped. However, because we are talking about Tijuana, were talking about Mexico, they don't want to be confrontational. Brian went on to say "that what we have to remember as American's is that there is a very, very fine line between being a nice guy and being a patsy. And, there is a point when patients becomes a vice". In Brian's opinion, "We passed those both those lines a long time ago." He went on to say that the problem is we have been programed that we don't want to be confrontational and you’re a bad person if you do that. He went on to say, "frankly, there is a point were benign neglect becomes evil and by being so patient we have perpetuated the problem. 

Brian said, "the pollution problem imperial Beach and the South Bay are facing today is not Mexico's problem, it our problem! They just basically let it flow down and out of their neighborhood. For them it's business as usual. By sending their pollution to us that they can continue to have their business and commerce and it doesn't cost them anything. They save money by sending their pollution to us here in the United States. Brian said, "what our goal has to be, what we have to understand, we can talk nice all we want but Mexico and Tijuana won't know we are serious and that we really care unless we get in their faces and say Friends don't dump sewage into friend’s yards."

Summarizing, Brian went on to describe it similar to a situation where you had a neighbor throwing trash in your yard. You might be nice the first time and even the second but there comes a point if it doesn't stop. You take some sort of action and make them stop. He said in the case with Mexico and Tijuana that until they feel a monetary cast for dumping the sewage into our yard that it is going to continue to happen and that we must find a way to make it so it cost them business, it cost them money if they are a bad neighbor and continue to dump their sewage into our yard. 

Brian continued saying that he doesn’t think there is any American that would call out his friend if they were bringing his dog over to your yard every day and letting him do his business in your yard. He said you have the right and the responsibility to confront your friend or neighbor if they are bringing their dog over every day to do their business in your yard. He said we must get over that fear always trying to look like a nice guy and get into their face and confront them. We must stop worrying about political correctness and tell them to stop it. He said we are willing to cheer on the guys when they go and stop a whaling boat for killing whales yet we won’t go do the same thing with this situation and we have to get over that fear or worry about looking politically correct.

One of the things that really bothers Brian is that there is a double standard. One standard for one side of the border and another standard for the other side of the border. If there is going to be commerce and trade across the border that you must address the environmental issues. If you are not willing to put their trade and economic benefits at stake, then don't tell me that you care about the environment. 

This ends part one of this series of our interview with former United States Congressman and Imperial Beach Mayor Brian Bilbray. I hope you enjoyed the interview and we be on the lookout for the next part one of this series of the interview. 

Remember, you can watch this on video below and catch every word from Brian and Baron below.


Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach


On Monday, Former United States Congressman Brian Bilbray Shared Some Very Frank and Candid Thoughts on Sewage Crisis with Baron Partlow & Dig Imperial Beach

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