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Surfrider is Reporting that Tijuana Estuary is on President Trump's List of Estuaries to be Closed Under Budget Cuts!

Apr 11, 2017 12:48PM ● By Paul Spear

Surfrider is Reporting that the Tijuana Estuary is on President Trump's List of Estuaries to be Closed Under Budget Cuts and is Calling for it to Be Kept Open"

Surfrider is reporting that they will be traveling to Washington DC May 8-12 to attend the Blue Vision Summit, where they'll get time in front of United States Senators and the U.S. Congress. Three or four members from Surfrider's San Diego chapter will be traveling to Washington DC and will be in the group and in the meetings including former Surfrider San Diego Chapter President and Imperial Beach City Councilman Mark West and Adam Collardey from SD Surfrider.

Adam Collardey stated, "our focus will be to advocate for solutions to the IB sewage problem and to inform other ocean protection activists about the situation." Below is Adam's report on the NOAA budget cuts and how it could close the Tijuana 
Estuarine Research Reserve. Adam stated that there will be 3-4 of us going to DC, including Mark West.

In it's report Surfrider says that under the proposed $250 million budget cuts proposed by President Trump for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  that 28 National Estuarine Research Reserve's would be closed including the Tijuana Estuarine Research Reserve.

When asked about this the City of Imperial Beach referred me to Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina who has not responded yet for my text request. Mark West has not responded yet. If and when they do we will either add it to the article or if we get a substantial response do do another article, you can be sure we will have it for you ASAP!

Publish below and attached above as PDF files for download are is Surfrider's "Call to Action" to keep the Tijuana Estuary open and their NoBS (No Border Sewage) Policy. 

Surfrider will also be part of a public march in Imperial Beach on April 29th. In the march, various members and groups from the communities of Imperial Beach and Coronado will be marching on Imperial Beach in a show of solidarity to get the Tijuana Sewage problem attention by the media in hopes it can raise the problem occurring here with the sewage spills and dumps from Tijuana Mexico that flow into the United Sates and end up in the Tijuana Estuary and finally the beaches of San Diego County. 

The groups participating in the event will include: Surfrider (San Diego Chapter), Stop the Poop, the South Bay Clean Water Movement, Coronado Surfing Association. 


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