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Calling All Truck Owners! If You Have A Big Truck, Small Truck, SUV, Minivan, Even A Station Wagon We Need Your Help.

Apr 08, 2017 12:25PM ● By Linda Heath

Calling All Truck Owners!  If You Have A Big Truck, Small Truck, SUV, Minivan, Even A Station Wagon We Need Your Help.

We at Harvest CROPS and those of us at the Broken Loaf Pantry could use your help.  We need to have persons with a truck or larger vehicle like an SUV or Station Wagon, to help with the collection and delivery of fruit picks and food donations from Panera Bread and others.

The current transport vehicle is a small car with a fairly large trunk and a free back seat!  The space is limited and is hard-pressed to carry both the fruit and the food donations at the same time!  The fruit is usually in milk crates and all don't fit in the truck or car, so are transported in a large IKEA bag and a very large Disney bag.  The breads come in large plastic bags and in some boxes.  There is little room for it all!

I am asking for volunteers for an hour or two of your time and vehicle to help with the collection and delivery of these much needed and appreciated extra food items for the needy and homeless at the Broken Loaf Pantry.

There will be a huge amount of appreciation and volunteer hours recorded for you and a warm fuzzy glow in your heart.  We have scheduled fruit picks so you may select which day and where you would like to help, and every Wednesday evening at 9 pm closing time we collect the Panera Bread donations.

To volunteer for fruit collection and delivery, go to the web site and fill out the volunteer form or call the number listed and let them know it is for volunteering your vehicle.  (you may also volunteer to help pick fruit, volunteer your tree/s to be picked, or make a donation to support the efforts) 

To volunteer for Panera Bread and other food donation pick up and delivery, please contact the Imperial Beach United Methodist Church and let them know you wish to help with the p/u and delivery on Wednesday evenings for Panera Bread donations (or to donate to the Food Pantry or any other service you desire)
Linda Heath Executive Manager, Senior Reporter


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