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What Do You Get From a Single Fruit Tree?

Apr 06, 2017 09:44PM ● Published by Linda Heath

Gallery: A Single Orange Tree [3 Images] Click any image to expand.

What Do You Get From a Single Tree Of Fruit? It's Amazing Just How Much Fruit You Can Acquire From That Single Tree.  Take a Guess!  What Do You Think?  20 Lbs, 50 Lbs, 100 Lbs, 150 Lbs, More?

Harvest CROPS was fortunate to pick a single Orange tree in Coronado.  The tree was beautiful and was "pickable" on all counts, not to tall, had lower branches with fruit and was easily accessible.  

We, were a group of 3 adults and two young girls who were a volunteer's daughters.  We picked for 2 hours which is the standard pick time, and the owner of the home where the tree was located was very impressed with the result and speed in which we picked the tree. 

We always clean up after ourselves and we provide a "Thank You" receipt for tax purposes and to express our gratitude for the generosity of the donor.  It is a win win situation, fruit tree gleaned and no fruit goes to waste on the ground so the owner is pleased, and the fruit goes to low income, homeless and needy people who would otherwise have no access to the beautiful fruit.

We are in great need of volunteers and individuals with trees of fruit just begging to be picked.  If you know of a tree or trees in your neighborhood or in your yard, have a truck you would be willing to help us carry and deliver the fruit, or if you would help by donating to the costs of this endeavor, please consider donating this bounty/donation to needy people at the Broken Loaf Pantry, and other charitable organizations.

So, have you made a guess yet as to how many Lbs one tree can deliver?  I'll give you a hint....we collect the fruit in black milk crates, and we collected 4 full crates of oranges.  Still don't have a guess?  

Ok, one orange tree generated over 200 Lbs of oranges!  That amount fed 40 - 60 families!

If you are concerned that your 1 tree won't be enough to have it gleaned, it will be!  Please don't hesitate, call us sign up to volunteer to pick and have your tree picked or to make a donation, go to the website:
Linda Heath, Executive Manager, Senior Reporter

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