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New Sewage Flow into IB Believed to be from a New Residential Community in the Canon Del Sainz in Tijuana Not Connected to Wastewater Collection System

Apr 05, 2017 01:36PM ● Published by Paul Spear

Here is the report received today from the IBWC as to why they believe Monday's readings of pollution was so high in the Tijuana River. Below that is the report they issue on Tuesday for the 4/3/2017 reading.

The Mexican Section of the IBWC advised this morning that the source of the contamination in the Tijuana River noted on 4/3/17 on the Regional Board's sampling results report may be from a relatively new residential area in the watershed of Canon Del Sainz in Tijuana.  This residential area is not connected to the wastewater collection system.  Canon del Sainz drains into the Tijuana River just downstream of Rodriguez Dam.  Flow of untreated wastewater in the canyon is 60 - 90 liters per second.  IBWC will be conducting a river inspection early next week to document this and other inflows to the river.  Also, due to the 48 hour shutdown of the potable water system in Tijuana starting at midnight last night, it is likely flow in the river will significantly decrease over the next day or two until service is restored.

Steve Smullen
Area Operations Manager
IBWC, U.S. Section
San Diego Field Office

This is Tuesday's report from the IBWC on 4/3/2017 River Readings:

I just received the following information from Steve Smullen, Area Operations Manager for
IBWC, U.S. Section, San Diego Field Office

I received the following sampling results this afternoon from Helen Yu of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, San Diego office.
Samples were taken 4-3-17 between 10 am and 2 pm.
We are following up with Mexico to locate the source of the contamination.
StationTotal Coliform (MPN/100 ml)E. coli (MPN/100ml)
Goat Canyon
Yogurt Canyon (no obvious flow)38,730100
W-9 (storm drain)15,760200
Tijuana River at Hollister Bridge
Tijuana River, upstream of IBWC gauge

Steve Smullen
Area Operations Manager
IBWC, U.S. Section
San Diego Field Office

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