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IB Mayor Serge Dedina Calls IBWC Report on the Massive February Sewage Discharge "Inconclusive at Best"

Apr 04, 2017 04:20PM ● By Paul Spear

Imperial Beach Mayor, Serge Dedina, Calls IBWC Report the Massive February Sewage Spill "Inconclusive at Best" Report Admits to 28 Million Gallons Sewage Discharged and that Another 256 Million Gallons Went Missing from Treatment Plant

IB Mayor Serge Dedina commented on the findings of yesterday's IBWC's report  on the sewage discharge that occurred in February of this year. He said "The report is inconclusive at best--although it does admit that a minimum of 28 million gallons of sewage was discharged into the Tijuana River in early February, but that an additional 256 million gallons of sewage went "missing" from the South Bay treatment plan that treats Tijuana sewage. What does that mean--it means there were multiple spills and multiple sources of the spill."

IB Mayor Dedina also said that he had spoken with Ed Drusina, a Commissioner of the IBWC, and he was "struck by his lack of empathy and urgency for our situation."

He did also say that the report does make a series of recommendations to improve reporting and improve sewage infrastructure which is good.

In the Mayor's comment from his Facebook page He had this to say as well

"From his There are two things that we all need to push on now: 1) Supporting the plan to upgrade Tijuana's sewage infrastructure and immediately start on eliminating sewage flows along the beach from Playas to south of Baja Malibu (that also kills us) as well as stop the discharge of sewage into the Tijuana River; and 2) Install infrastructure such as retention ponds and a sewage diverter on our side of the border so we have a backup plan to remove sewage from the river during low-flow periods."

Mayor Dedina went on to say "More sewage--capture infrastructure on our side of the border is something I also talked with Dave Gibson of the State of California Water Board yesterday--he will be pushing that plan (as he has been). It will be up to all of us to continue to lobby all our San Diego congressional delegation (including Reps Issa and Hunter) to make these absolutely essential investments. We have billions being invested in national security measures and special warfare installations in our region-so we must also spend resources to improve our environmental security infrastructure."

Photo and comments used by permission of Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina.
You can read his full comment in it's entirety exactly how it is written on his Facebook page at:

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