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The History Of The Jet Engine Can Be Found At The Historic Brown Field

Apr 01, 2017 10:56PM ● By Linda Heath

The History Of The Jet Engine Can Be Found At Historic Brown Field.  An Unexpected Surprise Tucked Into One Of The Original Hangars. 

In Hangar #20 at Historic Brown Field is a hidden surprise, the Jet Engine Museum.  The Museum is owned and operated by Ralph Pierson, who is a Veteran of the Jet Engine and it's development.  He personally flew some of the earliest Jet Planes during the 1940's forward.

The museum displays many of the early types of jet engines, which Ralph is rebuilding to working order.  There are turbine engines, water-cooled and specialized models with components made of Titanium.  Other features have been developed over the history of the jet engine from fans and props, compression, gas, water and air.  Some have slanted blades in their fans and some have a series of fans and blades which all draw heat and air into the engine as a propulsion mechanism.

There are antique plans and direction for the engines and is what Ralph uses to complete his engines.  There are model planes of the specific planes and many photos and articles of the history and development of the jet engine and a gift shop with items for sale including historic photos.
There is a huge library of books pertaining to everything 'jet" and may be available for perusing and potentially checked out.  The area outside the Museum has on display various jet planes owned by individuals and there is an active airport to fly in and out of.

It is a fascinating Museum and I encourage you all to visit and learn more about historical jet development and Brown Field.  Please follow the link and call ahead to request a tour and get tickets.
Linda Heath, Executive Manager, Senior Reporter


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