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Broken Sewage Pipe in Las Pirules, Near Tijuana, Could Mean More Sewage for Imperial Beach

Mar 31, 2017 05:13PM ● By Paul Spear
Zeta Libre Como Viente is Reporting that a Broken Sewage Pipe in Las Pirules, Near Tijuana, is Flooding the Streets there with Sewage. How it will affect Imperial Beach is unknown at this time!

According to a report in the paper today they reported that the rehabilitation of the eastern interceptor waste collector, which is carried out on the Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas, resulted in leaks and spills of wastewater in the vicinity where the repair work is carried out.

They went on to say, from what we could translate, that until now the State Commission for Public Utilities Tijuana -CESPT-, hasn't informed the causes. One of the most affected spots is the colony Los Pirules, whose access road is flooded by the pestilential waters. At the point where the collector is repaired, in the vicinity of the Tijuana Bus Station, water leaks are also observed; However the work continues. 

According to sources at ZETA requested information from CESPT about the origin of the leaks since midday on Wednesday, March 29, the date on which the sewage overflow was recorded, to know without the spill was the product of an accident or was provoked, so far Zeta says the agency has not responded. According to Zeta, In the afternoon, Miguel Lemus Zendejas, director of CESPT, was contacted via telephone and he indicated that at that time -6:30 p.m.- he held a meeting with the head of various areas of the unit to analyze precisely that topic. Although he vowed to return the call to report on the new mishap, he did not. Zeta says, the 48-inch eastern interceptor waste collector collapsed from December 31, 2016 and the 50-meter rebuild work began on Sunday, January 1, 2017, although it was anticipated that the rehabilitation would last for a maximum period of one month, This is not over; The argument of CESPT to keep unfinished the work, has been the record of rains.

All information in this article was obtained from Zeta's published report which can be found at: 

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