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Here are Your 2017 State of the City and Mayoral Award Recipients

Mar 09, 2017 10:31AM ● Published by Paul Spear

Gallery: Here are Your 2017 State of the City and Mayoral Award Recipients [12 Images] Click any image to expand.

IB Arts Bureau, IB Beautiful, 4Walls International, SD Habitat for Humanity and SD Small Business Forum Honored at 2017 State of the City & Mayoral Awards Night

There were Five Award Recipients at the Imperial Beach State of the City and Mayoral Awards for 2017. Three of the Award Recipients worked closely together this last year. Winners, IB Beautiful, IB Arts Bureau and Four Walls International worked together on building two public parks. They built the park known as the "Art Park" at Date Avenue and Seacoast Drive across the street from Pier South and another park at 10th Street & Iris also. 

IB Beautiful, who operates the Imperial Beach Farmers Market every Friday has been helping beautify Imperial Beach since the 1990's. The IB Arts Bureau is only a couple of years old and it has been just the last year that it has really picked up steam and got going. Besides the two parks they are also responsible for the beautiful banners you see on display on the fence of the new hotel that will be going in at Seacoast Drive and Imperial Beach Blvd. They also did the center pieces at the Mayor's Breakfast this last year as well.

Another Award Recipient, San Diego Habitat for Humanity, not only did their normal building of houses around the community but they also completely repainted the entire outside of the Boys & Girls Club in Imperial Beach and fixed up homes that were in need of some repair for some needy families around Imperial Beach.

The Award Recipients we haven't spoken about yet is the San Diego Small Business Forum, run by Edel Vernazza. The SDSBF held many events down at Pier Plaza this last year helping give home businesses an outlet to sell their crafts and wares while bringing some fun to visitors to Pier Plaza that day. During these events, she always helped raise money either for non-profits or someone needy. The SDSBF is very active in working to help those less fortunate. 

An important note: the order that the 5 Award Recipients were written about above was just random and no one winner is being honored more than another!


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