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With a New Outfield Fence, Paint and Other Improvements, IB Little League is Ready to Open Season

Feb 13, 2017 09:25PM ● By Paul Spear

With a New Outfield Fence, Paint and Other Improvements, Imperial Beach  Little League is Ready to Open Season

The final touches are being done to get the Imperial Beach Little League ready to start the season March 3rd. This weekend a new fence was being finished on the east field. The league spent $3,000 for the new fencing which was not safe and put the players in risk of injury, A group of volunteers put in the fence saving the league way more than the cost of the fence. Also being finished this weekend was the painting of the dugouts which was needed after a harsh winter. During the week and weekend banners and wind protectors were put on the dugouts.  

Now all that is left before opening season is getting the teams together and starting practice. With Spring knocking on the door and practices beginning all that will be left is to start play,

The IB Little League will have their Opening Day Ceremonies on Friday Eve March 3rd, which will include a Movie Night, and games will start on Saturday March 4th. No Schedule is set yet, but for those of us that have grown up with a love of baseball, this signals the start of everything good and is looked forward to by millions of boys and now girls around the globe.

Along with speeches and special appearances Opening Ceremonies will include a movie night, raffle for a TV and they will be selling food. 

This year we hope to have expanded coverage and will look forward to seeing you at the field.

"Play Ball"

Note: we are looking for parents involved with the league to help us by sending in the scores after the game and maybe writing a paragraph or to on it. If you have time, please let us know!
Paul Spear, Dig imperial Beach


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