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"Imperial Beach Dream Factory", City of Imperial Beach Issues Press Release on Pier Workshop

Feb 10, 2017 10:24PM ● By Paul Spear
On Friday February 10th the City of Imperial Beach Issued a Press Release on the Imperial Beach Pier Enhancement Workshop put on for the community by the Port of San Diego and the City of Imperial Beach. The workshop was held Monday in the Community Room at City Hall.

Below is the Press Release and we have included photos from the workshop in the article with the article we wrote on the workshop underneath the Press Release.

                                           "Imperial Beach "Dream Factory”

February 6th was described as a “a dream factory with tons of cool ideas,” as the public was invited to a workshop discussing the future facelift and rejuvenation of the Imperial Beach Pier.  Approximately 80 to 100 people attended in the Community Room at the Imperial Beach City Hall to offer up numerous ideas to enhance the public’s fishing, surfing and viewing experience at IB’s iconic pier.

Clearly pleased, Mayor Serge Dedina coined the “dream factory” description and applauded the “positive, inclusive and transparent process,” encouraging resident’s hope of the pier being an even more “family-friendly and awesome place” for residents to hang out with friends and family.


The workshop was hosted by The Port of San Diego and is considered a regional attraction and widely-recognized landmark for the City of Imperial Beach and Port of San Diego.  First constructed in the 1960s but later destroyed by a storm, the Imperial Beach Pier was rebuilt in the 1980s.  In 2006, the Port of San Diego performed a major upgrade to the pier and in 2014 completed a project that replaced nearly 1,500 of the pier’s planks.  City leaders expressed appreciation for the Port’s continued care and attention to the pier and beachfront.


Additional comments and ideas may be sent to  The Port is expected to return to City Council at a later date.  We’ll keep you posted.


Reprint from Dig Imperial Beach from Wednesday February 8th:

Monday's Port of SD's Pier Enhancement Workshop Gave IB Residents an Opportunity to Hear Ideas on and Provide Input on Ways to Improve Pier Experience


Monday's Port of San Diego's Pier Enhancement Workshop in The Community Room at City Hall Gave Imperial Beach Residents an Opportunity to Hear Ideas on and Provide Input on Ways to Improve the Pier Experience

Civitas, who are architects and urban designers, hired by the Port of San Diego to consult on ways to Enhance the Imperial Beach Pier and improve the visitor experience were on hand Monday night, as well as Port of San Diego and City representatives at a workshop held in the Community Room at the Imperial Beach City Hall to give residents of Imperial beach a change to share ideas on ways they would like to see the Imperial Beach Pier be improved.

Over 50 IB residents, as well as IB Mayor Serge Dedina and City Council Members Ed Spriggs and Mark West, filled the Community Room to listen Civitas Representative, Scott Jordan, present ideas on ways the Imperial Beach Pier could be enhanced to improve the visitor experience to the Pier. The workshop was not meant to come to any decisions on what enhancements would be done. What it was meant to do was give the residents a wide variety of ideas on the types of things that could be done and then get their feedback on what types of things they might want to see or even present their own ideas.

1987 was the last time the Imperial Beach Pier, which is the largest tourist attraction in the South Bay, had any type of major improvements done to it. A slideshow put on by Civitas, showed a wide variety of types of things that had been done all over the world on different waterfronts that was meant to give the attendees all sorts of ideas to the possibilities that could be done to enhance the pier experience. 

All sorts of ideas were presented in the slideshow, they included a wide variety of ideas such as putting metal grating in places that would allow visitors to be able to see the power of the ocean and waves below them, putting an observation platform above the restaurant at the end of the pier to provide a 360% view from the end of the pier, doing a wide variety of things with lighting and many more. Other things discussed doing things with lighting, providing shade, different entertainment, another tier in places, using rails that provided better viewing, putting in fishing pole holders so as to open up more room on the pier.

At the end of the slideshow tables were provided at the back of the community Room that all had diagrams of the pier along with postcards made from the photos shown in the slideshow. Attendees of the workshop were given a chance to provide input by selecting postcards of the ideas they liked and then writing notes on the back of the postcards.

The important thing to remember, this was a workshop to create feedback on what people would like to see done to "Enhance the Pier" It showed things being done at different waterfronts and then getting residents input on what they would like to see, 

I was given a few of the postcards from the backs of the tables to share with you so that you may share in the experience of the night.

I'd also like t thank the Port for their help with this article.

Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach                   Photo Credit Bryan Brillhart.









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