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San Diego World Affairs Council Gets Large Turnout for Event at Pier South on Monday Night

Jan 24, 2017 08:21AM ● By Linda Heath

San Diego World Affairs Council Gets Large Turnout for Event at Pier South on Monday Night January 16th to Hear Retired Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio Speak on 2017 Challenges Facing America.

Imperial Beach welcomed the San Diego World Affairs Council for a very informative and timely talk by Retired Vice Admiral Charles W. Martoglio.  The topic was what expectations and challenges faced us as a nation in the coming year, 2017.

In 2016, several significant events took place worldwide which had a great impact on the coming year.  The three focal categories were Nationalism, Populism, and Authoritarianism.

Populism  -  US Presidential Election
                    UK Membership in European Union - exit EU
                    Philippines Presidential election in May - Anti-US
Nationalism  -  Taiwan;s Presidential Election - Pro-Independence
Authoritarianism  -  Russian Parliamentary Election - Anti-US
                      Iranian Parliamentary/Assembly of Experts Election - Moderate Anti-US 

These factors all are grouped either based upon how these issues are viewed and acted upon, as Knowledge, Common Sense or Pragmatism.

The Asian Arena precisely, North Korea, is viewed as a Common Sense issue as in the Leadership maintains control by force and threat or Nuclear Weaponry, but the Common Sense to realize how close they are to rapid response and destructive forces just over the border. The main threat is a mistake or miscalculation rather than actual military action.  This can be managed by continual negotiation.  

This brings us to China and Pragmatism.  The Chinese Government is focused upon maintaining the Communist Party above all else which entails a "bargain" with the people to totally embrace the Party to receive yearly improvements to the economy and the people.  The issue here is the current population is diminished due to the "one child per family" rule, and virtually total governmental corruption.   This will diminish the ability to maintain the country and alleviate the potential world threat from China. 

What of the Middle Eastern Front?  This is an area of Knowledge and how each Nation views the situation and the constant ongoing conflicts and aggression.  The continued tensions between neighboring States potentiates the strength in allies and the common defense against ISIS factions and other National claims and control.

We finally come to the Russians.  They are faced with many challenges from the Middle East, China, Iran, North Korea and internal Security.  Russia is in continual competition with each of the neighboring States and the US in Nuclear and space exploration and development.  Russia will not try to push the limits of nuclear dominance unless they feel certain "redlines" are crossed.  These would be potential triggers if Russian Homeland threatened, neighboring States becoming members of NATO, Syrian ports and airfields, and access restricted to the Black Sea.  What is required here is management and ongoing negotiations rather than armed conflict.

In all, the theme here is that management and negotiations will continue and no real nuclear threat is apparent.  The US is still the world power and will be for many more generations.

This presentation was very informative and presented a positive message for America!

Linda Heath, Senior Reporter,



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