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Port of SD & City of IB Considering Ways of Improving IB Pier Safety and Visitor Experience

Dec 20, 2016 07:43AM ● Published by Paul Spear

Gallery: Port of SD & City of IB Considering Ways of Improving IB Pier Safety and Visitor Experience [6 Images] Click any image to expand.

The Port of San Diego & City of Imperial Beach are Considering Ways of Improving the IB Pier Safety and Visitor Experience. Cameras, Lighting, and New Restaurant Possibilities. 

In a meeting held in November at Pier South, Unified Port District of San Diego Commissioner Dan Malcolm was in attendance to discuss with the Seacoasters, a group of businessmen with interests in Seacoast Drive and guests, plans for improvements to the Imperial Beach Pier. Also in attendance were City of Imperial Beach Mayor, Serge Dedina, City Council Member Ed Spriggs, Assistant City Manager Steve Dush. 

Commissioner Malcolm gave a general overview of the Port District’s plans which included a comprehensive analysis of existing conditions and what can be done to create a more balanced user experience. He went on to describe his recent visit to the pier with Mayor Serge Dedina 

Port of
 San Diego Commissioner Dan Malcolm was in attendance at the December City Council Meeting were he went into more details talking about doing more development at Port 20 and advising that both ends of Seacoast Drive were finished. When City Council member Lorie Bragg asked about the Art project with it that the city was expecting as well, she was told that they decided not to do anything at this time but if they pushed on it that it possibly still could be done with a few of the dollars they still had in the budget. A new restroom was also on the drawing board and as with everything else it is supposed to be something that blends in with the community.

Adam Meyer, the Port District’s Department Manager for Redevelopment, spoke about the needs and problems that will be identified and documented for long range solutions. Design concepts will include the blending in with Seacoast Drive and the other new developments.  The new design of the pier restaurant, a pier theme and branding and creating appropriate signage are some of the many components.  Public safety issues are being addressed with the installation of cameras and more is planned.  Also, improved management to ensure that all users of the pier can feel comfortable on the pier during all hours of operation.  

 New Street Lighting was discussed at the meeting also. With a demo on what the lighting would look like verses what we have now.

None of these changes are in the near future but in the next year we could have a lot of changes and improvement projects going on with all the items they discussed.

Ownership and control of the Imperial Beach Pier, Portwood (Pier Plaza) and other land assets were turned over from the City of Imperial Beach to the Unified Port District of San Diego back in the later half on the late 1900's when the City of Imperial Beach was in financial trouble.

Note: A big "Thank you" to Bob Miller and City of Imperial Beach Councilman Ed Spriggs for their help with this article. Although I was in attendance, their recap was vital to such great coverage.

Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach

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