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Naval Coastal Campus Entrance Discussed at Meeting Held Wednesday Night in Coronado Cays!

Dec 16, 2016 03:19PM ● By Paul Spear

Naval Coastal Campus Entrance Discussed at Meeting Held Wednesday Night in Coronado Cays! Not Impeding Traffic on SR-75 Was Leading Topic of Meeting.

At meeting was held Wednesday night in the Clubhouse in the Coronado Cays to discuss the entrance of the new Naval Coastal Campus that is being built at the South End of Coronado next to Imperial Beach. 

A full clubhouse or residents from both Imperial Beach and Coronado were on hand to hear what the Navy had to say about the entrance and the plans they had for it. Both traffic along SR-75 going into Coronado and coming into Imperial Beach along Palm Avenue wast toward the I-5 Freeway are currently big problems and citizens from both communities are voicing displeasure with the traffic and worried about the traffic this base is going to bring tio the already congested highway in both directions.

Imperial Beach and the City of San Diego are trying to obtain rights to take over control and maintenance of SR-75 in their city jurisdiction while the City of Coronado has chosen so far to still let the State of California (CAL TRANS) keep control of SR-75.

There were several topics that were discussed. The key topics of the night were:

1. Queuing traffic on the base to not Impede the traffic flow on SR_75
2. Minimizing noise from the newly created traffic that will be caused from the base
3. Putting in low profile scenic architecture (consistent with State Scenic Highway)
4. Natural blending with scenic landscaping  (consistent with State Scenic Highway
5. Putting in low impact signage for the base
6. Trying to minimise the light pollution that will come from the base

We "thank" Linda Heath" a senior reporter for her contribution to this article. She is currently having major surgery at the VA Hospital in LA Jolla and we want to wish her a speedy recovery and hope she make a full recovery.
Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach




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